Overlord Season 4 Officially Confirmed + Overlord Movie Release Date


Overlord Season 4 Officially Confirmed

The fourth and final season of the anime adaptation of Kugane Maruyama’s light novel series Overlord will be released in 2020. It has been confirmed that the production for this last season is already underway, with a release date set to January 2020. This is the end of an era! As we reach the conclusion of this epic story, it’s time to say goodbye to Ainz Ooal Gown and his friends as they fight their way through one last battle against Nazarick. Watch all three seasons on Netflix now!

It was announced today that Overlord will continue with the fourth season as part of a Livestream event for the anime adaptation.

The ‘Overlord’ anime series is based on a popular manga of the same name. Kygane Maruyama is the creator of the series, and it was first published in 2015. It’s a Japanese anime series that’s regarded highly all around the world and is written by Naoki Itou and produced by Madhouse. It’s been a huge success since the first time it aired.

Overlord fans are eagerly anticipating the fourth season, which will premiere this summer. The third season of the program was released in 2019 and immediately became a hit. This anime series is unlike anything else you’ve seen. It’s all about virtual gaming. The plot focuses on the year 2138, when internet gaming has dominance over the planet.

The game is shut down, the player refuses to log off, and he or she is trapped inside the game, transforming into Momonga, a powerful wizard who uses an iron fist to slaughter everyone who gets in his way. Since the conclusion of all three seasons, fans have been asking when they will receive a sequel.

The anime focuses on a scenario set in the future, when a person is caught in a race that is being canceled. The previous season ended on a cliff-hanger, leaving many unanswered questions, which allows the next season to delve into several topics and so the fans are excited and impatient for it.

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Overlord Season 4 Release Date

The studio behind Kimi no Na wa. Unlike previous years, however, the show will be developed again under the guidance of Naoyuki Itou ( Your Voice -KIMIKOE- ) at Studio Madhouse. Yukie Sugawara returns to write the script, while Satoshi Tasaki adapts the original character design of so-bin for animation.

The fourth season will welcome back many well-known Japanese speakers of the primary characters, including Satoshi Hino as Ainz and Yumi Hara as Albedo. The sequel’s start date has not yet been confirmed, and the film project is still in development. The series is scheduled to premiere in 2022, but if the fans are patient enough, they may discover that the dates will be announced in late 2021.

Madhouse Studio is credited with the creation of several well-known anime, and next season’s Hunter X Hunter and Btooom are anticipated.

The Overlord Series 4 Plot and Anticipated Events

On July 30, 2012, Overlord was initially published in thirteen volumes. It quickly became a hit. According to the author, they intend to release a total of 20 different editions. Season 3 saw the Great Tomb return to battle the Enge after sustaining significant assaults from Capital Einzer. We also discovered that consumers have tremendous power, and numerous obstacles were mentioned. The conclusion of episode 12, season 3, which depicted the most spectacular scene suggesting Dark Youngs’ presence, was met with disappointment by all the fans. The Supervilleano mode of Aniz is anticipated to appear shortly.

All of the novels in the series were published during a three-year period. There are 13 episodes left in the anime, and five of them must be covered. It is anticipated that the fourth season will cover volumes ten, eleven, and twelve. ‘The Ruler of Conspiracy,’ ‘The Craftsman of Dwarf,’ and ‘The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom.’ The first volume of Kekkai is set in the distant future when Aniz, king of Valorina (now known as Vales), attempts to refashion his kingdom into a paradise for all species and races. This book also discusses other rulers from different countries who constantly strive to impede Ainz.

With that, we come to volume eleven and see Ainz searching for the lost run magic as he approaches the Dwarf Kingdom, while Shalltear Bloodfallen and Aura Bella Fiora accompany him. Later, when they arrive at the Dwarf realm, it is being attacked by Quagoa. The Dwarf Runesmiths accept the offer to assist Ainz in his quest for lost rune magic, knowing that they must overcome all obstacles. Finally, the Demon Emperor’s assault is covered in the 3rd volume.

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Last Thoughts

The global pandemic and coronavirus have certainly caused delays in future seasons, but we are confident that the date will be released soon. Last month, we reported that it’s possible that One Punch Man Season 3 , No Game No Life Season 2 , or Overlord Season 4 is now in production at Madhouse, since they completed The Vampire Dies in a timely manner Anime.

The Overlord Season 4 premiere has been confirmed, and we hope the production team provides an announcement for the release date as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for more information!


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