The Rising of The Shield Hero Season 2

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Release Date 2022

The Rising of the Shield Hero is a Japanese light novel series written by Aneko Yusagi. It has been published in Japan since 2012 and was adapted into an anime television series which aired from January to March 2019.

This season, Naofumi’s party takes on new adventures as they explore more about their world and meet new friends along the way. Join them as they go up against monsters, pirates, and even gods! Subscribe to Crunchyroll today to watch all-new episodes of The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2!

It was announced at the KADOKAWA Light Novel Expo, which is currently taking place online and in Japan, that The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 of the Isekai anime will be shown on Japanese television from 2022.

The Second Season of The Rising of the Shield Hero Is On Netflix!

At Crunchyroll Expo 2019, Crunchyroll revealed that Shield Hero Season 2 and Shield Hero 3 would be produced. During a special stage panel, the news of The Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 3 was revealed.

Kinec Citrus (Made in Abyss 2) and DR MOVIE are both working on the project. Studio Kinema Citrus (Chaos;Child) is directed by Masato Jinbo (Made In Abyss Season 2), while Dr Movie is in charge of production. Keigo Koyanagi re-writes the script, and Masahiro Suwa resumes his role as character designer. Kevin Penkin returns as composer.

Tamura was on Reddit to answer questions about The Rising Of The Shield Hero, his most recent work. “That’s what I’m hoping.” His response caught the attention of anime fans.

On July 20, 2021, it was stated on the anime adaptation of The Rising of the Shield Hero ‘s official Twitter account that owing to various reasons, the second season has been delayed from October 2021 to April 2022.

The Sword In The Stone!

The first season of 25 episodes aired in Japan from January to June 2019. Studio Kinema Citrus created the drama “The Other Shore,” which was directed by Takao Abo ( Norn9 ) and features actor Ryosuke Miura. Crunchyroll has all episodes available on-demand in both English and Japanese, with The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 scheduled to premiere simulcast.

The third season of The Rising of the Shield Hero has already been confirmed. The first Light Novel by Yusagi Aneko (Story) and Seira Minami (illustrations) was published in Japan by Media Factory since 2012.

Season 2 of The Rising of the Shield Hero is suited for an anime release.

Characters & Cast of The Rising of The Shield Hero Season 2

The protagonist of The Rising of the Shield Hero is Naofumi Iwatani. He was called to another world to be the Shield Hero (Tate Yuusha), one of the Four Legendary Heroes.

The main heroine of the The Rising of the Shield Hero series is Rafthtalia, who spends much time looking for her father’s treasure. She is the Shield Hero’s first genuine companion. Despite being purchased as a slave, she was never mistreated and formed an indelible friendship with her owner. She later visits another world and acquires the Vassal Katana, becoming a Sword Hero (Katana no Yuusha). She also becomes the Heavenly Emperor of Q ten Lo after ousting her predecessor.

Poly – is a Filolial bought with Raphtalia at the start of the tale who matures into a Filo Queen due to her connection with the Shield Hero and is a loyal supporter of the protagonist, as the owner of distinct class-up abilities. Ruby is also the daughter of the First Queen, who lives in a separate realm from her brother’s. She becomes particularly attached to Melty Q Melromarc, the Second Princess.

Rishia Ivyred is the Projectile Hero, one of the Seven Star Heroes, and the partner of the Bow Hero. The Shield Hero enslaved her when she was a noble child. She is the descendant of a fallen noble family and previously served as Slaves to the Shield Hero. She is currently located in Rock Valley, where she teaches the Hengen Muso style and assists with Legendary Heroes tasks.

[[Malty S Melromarc – later known as Bitch (Bicchi), is the primary antagonist of the series.]] [[She is the former first Princess of Melromarc who betrayed Naofumi Iwatani by lying about him sexually assaulting her.]] She was later removed from the royal family after she was discovered to have lied, and she subsequently betrayed the other three heroes before becoming a fugitive.

Melty Q Melromarc is the Second and Crown Princess of Melromarc, who becomes the new Queen of Melromarc following the death of her mother during the conflict with Faubrey. She instigated Naofumi Iwatani’s elevation to Archduke out of spite, but it backfired when she learned that the position was only second to the Queen in name, forcing them to be technically involved with each other.

Mirellia Q Melromarc, sometimes called the Queen, is the previous Queen of Melromarc who held actual power behind the throne and was renowned for her diplomatic and bargaining abilities. She is typically a just ruler known for her negotiations and diplomacy talents. After her passing, Melty Q Melromarc, the country’s crown princess, took up the reigns and became Queen of Melromarc.

Shield Hero Action

Naofumi is a 20-year-old student who happens to be an Otaku. He loses consciousness one day while reading a book about the four saints, and he finds himself in a medieval world. That isn’t all, though – he’s also one of the four legendary heroes called upon to defend the world from malevolent monsters from another dimension!

The famous shield, which it obtains as a weapon because it is only effective for protection and does not have a particularly excellent reputation, When he is duped by his only companion, he picks up a slave as a living weapon in order to get stronger than ever before.



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