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Nintendo’s Bayonetta’s Voice Actor Hellena Taylor Boycotts The Game As She Was Offered Only $4,000

In a statement released as Nintendo‘s Bayonetta 3 nears its long-awaited release date of October 28, original lead voice actor Hellena Taylor says that she did not return for the new installment because she was only offered $4,000.

The Bayonetta series earned almost $450 million. Not included in the total is any merchandise. Taylor said on Twitter that she had spent seven and a half years preparing for her acting career. To what end did they believe this to be? What did they tell me I would be paid? The final buyout flat rate offer for the entire game was $4,000. This is a direct attack on me and all the effort I’ve put into developing my skills and the respect I’ve earned from my peers and the fans in this sport. 

For the first time, Taylor voiced Bayonetta, a shapeshifting witch who can summon demons, for the first time in the action series’ inaugural 2009 edition, which was published by Sega and developed by PlatinumGames. Taylor returned to lend her voice talents to Bayonetta 2 when developer PlatinumGames teamed up with Nintendo as a publisher in 2014 when developer PlatinumGames teamed up with Nintendo as a publisher.

In addition to the main franchise entries, Taylor provides the voice of Bayonetta in the fighting games Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Fans of the Bayonetta series had been wondering why Taylor wasn’t in the third installment for quite some time before the developer finally decided to address the issue head-on. Among the most notable voice actors currently active, Jennifer Hale lends her talents to the upcoming game as Bayonetta. Her resume includes major titles like Mass Effect, Metal Gear Solid, and Halo 5: Guardians.

Taylor goes on to urge fans to forego purchasing the game and instead give to charity with the proceeds. I didn’t expect too much, you know. In asking for a fair wage, all I wanted was to be treated with respect. Although their actions were unethical, the law did not punish them. After seeing that many talented people around the world are underpaid, I felt compelled to take action. The fat cats get all the good stuff and leave the rest of us with the stale scraps.

Taylor said in an interview that she “became suicidal” because of her sadness and worry about money.

The actress also provided context for her exit from the franchise, saying that she had been asked to audition for the role again before receiving an “insulting” offer. A reaction to her letter from Hideki Kamiya, the series creator, revealed that “the memory of first seeing me as Bayonetta is a memory [he] keeps dear.” This message was included with the increased offer of $4,000.

For me, an NDA is nothing to be concerned about. Unfortunately, I can’t even afford to keep my car running. I don’t know what they’re going to do. Use my wardrobe? Taylor wished them “good luck.” Whenever she can, Bayonetta defends the rights of the powerless and the good of society. By taking this stance, you’re showing her that she has friends in high places.

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