Netflix comedy drama ‘Never Have I Ever’ has exceedingly great reviews, except for the voiceovers

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The Netflix Series “Never Have I Ever” has released three episodes and it’s absolutely great except for that one annoying bit – the voiceovers! In between the ongoing story, a new voiceover takes the storyline and though it is for a brief amount of time, it seems totally unnecessary.

In the series, former Teniss phenom John McEnroe voices the innermost thoughts of the Indian-American teen character Devi while Gigi Hadid voices the character Paxton Hall-Yoshida a resident teen heartthrob. However, Hadid is a replacement for the episode’s initial narrator Chrissy Teigen, who got caught in a controversy and was scoured from the show entirely.

In the first episode of the new Netflix series, John McEnroe introduces as our help to understand Devi, it was quickly made clear that the chances of his career as a voice actor becoming successful are very slim. McEnroe’s voice came out flat and his acting of expressing emotions literally came out as “acting.” The problem with Hadid’s voicing techniques is abysmal as well as per the fans. There casting seemed to be a little peculiar as there was no balance between the characters and their narrators.

And it appears like the scripts are aware of this eccentric clash between the characters and their narrating counterparts. Even Gigi Hadid herself admits that she might be an unusual choice to narrate Paxton Hall-Yoshida and his life. Even McEnroe admits to this mishap as he expresses it “every episode”

If given a chance to actors such as Ramakrishnan, Barnet, Lewison, Ramona Young and Lee Rodriguez, an already great show would be exceptional. Voiceovers are an effective tool to convey a story audibly as they in a way ‘enhance the watcher’s experience visually as well as audible.” However, it could also very easily go wrong if not executed in the right way.


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