Jason Momoa turns 42: Here are the actor’s Top 10 best movies and TV series of all the time

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Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa, famously known as Jason Momoa or Aquaman is the most beloved action movie actor. Can you believe the actor has been working for 22 years in the industry? Well, believe it because it’s true. Momoa has been working since he was 19 years old and today he turns 42! He has accumulated tremendous fame for his memorable filmography in acting as well as production.

To celebrate his birthday, here are the top 10 movies and tv series by Jason Momoa:

10. Pipeline

Genre: Horror Drama

This film is the best example of excellent cinematography, and with Jason Momoa’s outstanding acting performance, the film is one of his best. This is a story of six individuals who met with an incident in the past and when they later decide to move on with their life the past keeps haunting them.

09. Road to Paloma

Genre: Drama-Thriller

The portrayal of dialogues and emotions by Momoa in this movie is top-notch.  The plot of this movie revolves around a man (Jason Momoa), a native American on a run, seeking salvation from his mother’s death. He escapes in America’s abandoned sites, where he realizes that justice has a price to pay.

08. Tempted

Genre: Romance, Drama

Though the movies’ plot is not as commendable as we expected it to be, Jason Momoa’s acting really saves it. The film has the typical plot most romance films have – getting attracted to a person and the usual romance and drama.

07. The Red Road

Genre: Crime, Thriller

Description of this series in one word would be – INTRIGUING! The series’ plot picks up when the circumstances go from bad to worse for the characters. It keeps its viewers so into the show, which is a rather hard job to pull of.

Fans are really captivated with the show given the fact that the season ended with unfinished explanations, and yet there are no updates about season three!

06. See

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action

The ongoing series, though is a Sci-Fi Drama, has a new and fresh concept. You can’t take your eyes off Jason Momoa, he gives a wonderful performance with this work and distinct appearance.

05. Frontier

Genre: Adventure, History, Drama

Frontier is a Canadian historical period drama television show about the times of the North American fur trade from Canada’s late 1700s.  Momoa’s performance in this series is jaw-droppingly marvellous as he steals the show with his presence.

04. Braven

Genre: Action-Thriller

An action flick, with the usual storyline, however, Jason’s fans got to see a fresh acting gig from his as he plays the role of a responsible son and a father’s role.

03. The Game of Thrones

Genre: Adventure, Action, Drama

Okay, who doesn’t know Khal Drogo? If you didn’t know who Jason was, you will definitely recognize him now! This role has given Momoa the ultimate classification in the entertainment world.

o2. Justice League

Genre: Action, Fantasy

Aquaman in Justice League? Sign me up! Jason Momoa’s cameo certainly made headlines! It’s clear after this role of his- when in need Aquaman has got your back.

01. Aquaman

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy

And on the top spot is *drumrolls please* AQUAMAN! Though Jason’s role in Game of Throne had given him recognition worldwide, Aquaman certainly established Momoa as an A-list celebrity! This is THE movies of Jason’s career for which he would be remembered for a long time.


Which of Jason Momoa’s works do you really admire? 

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