Nayte Olukoya and Michelle Young Just Made Their Breakup Public: All You Need to Know


After dating for less than a year, Season 18’s main characters, Michelle Young, and Nayte Olukoya broke up. The stars shared the news on their own Instagram stories on Friday, June 17, 2022.

In Season 18 of “The Bachelorette,” Michelle and Nayte went on several dates that made people swoon. But there were signs that Nayte wasn’t ready to commit to anything serious. What went wrong? What happened between Michelle and Nayte?

Recently, Michelle Young And Nayte Olukoya Announced Their Separation. What Occurred?

Michelle and Nayte continued to share romantic updates about their newest adventures after being engaged on the Season 18 finale of The Bachelorette; but, their most recent selfies did little to dispel the rapidly increasing rumors of their breakup.

In May 2022, Nayte and Rodney Mathews were featured on a new episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, which quickly alerted fans that Nayte and Michelle may be getting along well.

“This month, Rodney has seen Nayte more than I have,” Michelle remarked on Bachelor Happy Hour. Michelle, Nayte, and Rodney also discussed Nayte and Rodney’s friendship, which began to develop during Season 18 of The Bachelorette.

Nayte and Rodney began spending time together when they were fighting for Michelle’s affections, and they continued to do so after Michelle and Nayte became engaged.

In May 2022, according to an unconfirmed story, Michelle was observed crying in the staff break room. She was also spotted out and about without her engagement ring, which caused a great deal of confusion among their followers until they formally confirmed their split.

In An Instagram Story, Michelle Said, “This Relationship Has Been Very Real For Us.”

On Friday, June 17, 2022, Michelle and Nayte each wrote their own Instagram posts. They stressed that the relationship was real and that they need time alone to deal with the breakup.

Michelle wrote in her Instagram story, “To those who have supported Nayte and me, including Bachelor Nation, I know I speak for both of us when I say that being in a relationship in the public eye has not been easy.” “It’s hard for me to say that Nayte and I will be going our separate ways, but I stand with him and know that this relationship has been very real for both of us, so our hearts are heavy.”

“As we get older and learn more, we also realize that sometimes the person you love the most isn’t the person you should spend the rest of your life with,” Nayte wrote. “Michelle and I will go in different directions. Our hearts are heavy and our emotions are high, but we are doing the best we can to deal with this.”

Some People Were Upset That Michelle And Nayte Didn’t Move In Together.

Michelle and Nayte were the first couples on The Bachelorette to get a down payment for a house. Because of the gift, they were put under a lot more pressure, and many fans asked them if they were going to buy a house together. Fans want to know how the split will affect their chances of getting a mortgage.

“A lot of people are asking Michelle and Nayte if they need to give back the $200,000 they got as a gift for a down payment on a house. Honestly, it has nothing to do with us. LMAO, kidding. I need to know right now, “@BachelorBob_ sent a tweet.

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