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Morgan Rielly Suspension: The Fallout of a Controversial NHL Decision!

The news of Morgan Rielly’s suspension stunned the hockey community during the height of the NHL season. The Toronto Maple Leafs’ standout defenceman was the subject of criticism after a heated incident during a recent game. The league’s disciplinary committee imposed Rielly’s ban, which has prompted strong opinions from players, commentators, and fans alike.

The Maple Leafs’ next games are marred by Rielly’s absence from the ice, which has many wondering what it means for the team’s performance and postseason hopes. All eyes are focused on the drama surrounding Rielly’s suspension as tensions continue to simmer.

Morgan Rielly Suspension

The NHL’s Department of Player Safety said that Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Morgan Rielly, who cross-checked Ottawa Senators winger Ridly Greig in the head on Saturday, received a five-game suspension.

In the last five seconds of the Senators’ 5-3 defeat, Rielly was given a match penalty for cross-checking the 21-year-old up high in response to Greig’s slap shot into the empty net.

The league emphasized that a hit to the head was easily preventable and stated that it was not a hockey play in their explanation of the ruling.
Commissioner Gary Bettman is Rielly’s only avenue for an appeal, as the suspension is less than six games.

The Department of Player Safety video’s narrator explains the ruling by saying, “This is not the case of two players mutually jousting where both players could reasonably expect escalating contact or for both players’ sticks to come up high.”

Additionally, this is not an unintentional or accidental usage of the stick while leveraging to change body posture or accomplish other hockey-related goals. This play is made late in the game, long after the goal has been scored, with the only intention of exacting revenge and when the score is out of reach.

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The Department of Player Safety intended to have an in-person hearing for Rielly, which meant they could suspend him for more than five games. Rielly had initially planned to attend the hearing in person, but a snowstorm in the area forced him to do it electronically.

More than $195,312 in salary will be lost by Rielly as a result of this suspension. “Rielly pursues Greig for some time and has sufficient opportunity to engage him differently or ensure this cross-check is delivered solely to the body,” according to the narrator.

“To put it briefly, this isn’t a hockey play. This is a well-planned, violent blow to the head of an opponent, delivered shortly after a goal has been scored, with a stick.” Before their home game against the Columbus Blue Jackets on Tuesday, the Senators repeatedly aired Greig’s goal on the big screen.

In his 11-year career, this is Rielly’s first suspension. The defenseman’s total penalty minutes this season was eight minutes prior to Saturday night.

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