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Miss Universe Australia Finalist Sienna Weir Died At Age 23

Sienna Weir, a finalist in the Miss Universe Australia pageant, tragically passed away at the age of 23 as a result of a horseback riding incident. Her agency, Scoop Management, officially confirmed her untimely demise on Thursday. To honor her memory, the company shared a tribute video on its Instagram page, showcasing a collection of photographs of Sienna along with the heartfelt message, “She will always remain in our hearts.”

Following several weeks in the hospital, Weir was ultimately removed from life support. According to E News, the incident took place on April 2 at the Windsor Polo Grounds in Sydney, when her horse tragically stumbled.

With a double degree in English literature and psychology from Sydney University, Weir possessed an impressive academic background. In an interview with Gold Coast Magazine, she expressed her profound and unwavering passion for show jumping, highlighting the extent of her affection for the sport.

“My family aren’t quite sure where this passion came from, but I’ve been horse-riding since I was 3 years old and can’t imagine my life without it,” Weir said in September. “I travel to rural Sydney two to three times a week to train and compete around New South Wales or broader Australia every other weekend.”

Australian photographer Chris Dwyer, who had the opportunity to collaborate with the esteemed beauty queen on numerous occasions, took to Instagram to pay tribute to her.

Alongside a heartfelt photograph of Sienna, he wrote a poignant message, reminiscing about her exceptional kindness and the radiant aura she exuded. Expressing the void her absence has created, he fondly mentioned hoping that, wherever she may be, she continues to embody the mischievous spirit that endeared her to everyone.

The profound sense of longing for her presence was palpable in his concluding words, conveying the deep affection and admiration he held for her.

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