90 Day Fiance: Why Are Miona Before And After Photos Getting So Much Attention?


Some photographs of Miona Bell before her “Kardashian” makeover are circulating, and we must say that the transformation is startling. Miona’s pre-Kardashian makeover looks nothing like her current appearance. Her hair is still long and dark, but it is now straight.

If one were to make celebrity comparisons for her former appearance, Miona most resembled Mila Kunis and not any of the Kardashians. In this photo, Miona’s arms are devoid of ink, and she appears… um, quite pale.

Spoilers For ’90 Day Fiancé’: Miona Bell Before And After?

If her race wasn’t clear before, it’s clear now that she uses a lot of self-tanner and, let’s just say, doesn’t have the genes for the skin tone she shows on social media. Miona has been accused of “black fishing” and acting racially ambiguous to get clicks for a long time.

Some of her fans have made fun of her for acting like someone she’s not. We’ve always been curious about what she looked like before she tried to be one of the Kardashian sisters. Now we know that, at least from the outside, she’s just as fake as any Instagram filter. Whoops!’


Fans are now saying that they liked her better before she became a Kardashian because she looked more real. Okay, but at the end of the day, Miona is the one who has to look in the mirror, and what matters is how confident she feels about her own body.

If she wants to keep rocking the Kardashian look, which we don’t see going away any time soon, that’s up to her. But if she ever wants to go back to a simpler look, or maybe even completely change how she looked on 90 Day Fiance, that would be the way to do it. Almost no one knew who she was, and I sure didn’t. We’ll know if we don’t recognize someone on Pillow Talk in a few years.

Is Jabari Sill Dating Miona?

When we see Miona and Jibri again, they won’t be together. Miona is calling wedding venues and trying to plan a destination wedding in a few weeks, while Jibri is at the studio with the Black Serbs.

How Does Miona Make Money?

On “90 Day Fiancé,” a look back at Miona and Jibri’s journey.

At the time, Miona, who was born in Serbia, was a model and Instagram influencer who wanted to start her own makeup line.

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