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Migos Rapper Takeoff’s funeral to be held Friday at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena

Funeral services for Migos rapper TakeOff are scheduled for Friday at State Farm Arena.

The musician was shot and killed last week in a Houston bowling alley, in a case that local law enforcement is still looking into. There are no known suspects, and it isn’t much known about when TakeOff was actually shot.

His passing sparked a wave of mourning throughout Atlanta and the wider hip-hop scene, which recognized the 28-year-old as a creative genius and gifted poet who was ready for great things beyond his time with the renowned rap group Migos.

On Friday, November 11, at State Farm Arena, the services are scheduled to begin at 12 p.m. Doors will open at 11 a.m. The senior pastor, Rev. Jesse Curney III, of Lilburn’s New Mercies Church will be in charge of them.

Tickets are sold out now…..

Tickets will go on sale on Tuesday at 2 p.m., according to the venue in downtown Atlanta. They are free, but you have to be a resident of Georgia. Tickets are limited to two, according to the organizers. Tickets for those who want to attend can be purchased via Ticketmaster. The website indicated that “tickets are sold out now” as of Tuesday at 6 p.m. The website encouraged visitors to return soon.

According to them, there will be a strict no-photography and no-filming rule at the public memorial. Before entering the arena, all devices will be checked with Yondr bags.

The event has a limited capacity, so the organizers advised spectators without tickets to stay away from downtown.

Everyone is “very devastated” by the loss of TakeOff, according to Lore ‘l from The Morning Hustle, a nationally syndicated radio show on Atlanta’s Hot 107.9, who spoke to 11Alive’s Jon Shirek last week.

According to Lore’l, “Migos literally shaped and revolutionized the sound of hip-hop music.” TakeOff played a crucial role in the group. In her anguish, she found it difficult to say, “I mean, one part—one-third—of the largest group that, to date, we’ve seen in my lifetime. Simply put, “I just can’t even imagine.”

The family requests that donations be sent to The Rocket Foundation, which was just started to assist initiatives that are saving lives via tried-and-true, neighborhood-based strategies to prevent gun violence, in lieu of flowers or gifts.

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