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Mase Appears To Imply “No.1 Hater” Diddy Postponed His Tour With Jadakiss And Cam’ron.

Mase seems to have said that Diddy called off his tour with Cam’ron and Jadakiss in a video that was posted to Instagram and TikTok.

The 47-year-old stated in a comment on a video that the 3 Headed Monster Tour show on October 20 was “cancelled,” “It’s Time To Show Cowards What Fearless Looks Like.” 

“I’m Not Stopping Anything That I’m Doing,” Mase continued. So you can postpone all the dates. I won’t apologise for upholding the law! I’ll be performing somewhere in any case. Stay tuned for upcoming albums: Killa x Kiss’ “Willie Burgers” are out now. #TheLiberationOfStMason Furthermore, BTS, my number one detractor, please pull over as you attempt to halt everything I do.We are aware of the situation… However, nothing will be stopped—”Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.” 

He said, “You know me by now—you can’t move me with money,” in the audio that played over the clip. At the pinnacle of my profession, I left. Money is not important to me, n***a; the issue is one of principle. 

According to Ticketmaster, none of the scheduled dates for the tour, which was scheduled to begin this month, will now take place. It’s unknown when the cancellations occurred or whether Diddy was involved. 

Jadakiss and Cam’ron have yet to respond to the cancelled gigs.

The rapper Mase just released a new video not long after Diddy, 52, said on The Breakfast Club that he didn’t owe Mase any money and that the rapper actually owed him $3 million. 

Diddy claimed that “[it] definitely tried to tarnish my legacy.” “I don’t want to enter merely to talk about people’s affairs and stuff like that.” If you think I’m a scumbag who would ever steal anything, my name is Diddy, Sean Combs, and I have never stolen anything from anybody a day in my life. If you think I’m a scumbag who will ever steal anything, I can’t have y’all following me because I am here to be a leader and to offer some direction. I’ve only ever offered people opportunities and more money than they were making. 

Mase claims Diddy owes him a lot of money, but Diddy claims he only worked on one album with him. The business tycoon declared, “He changed into a false pastor and went around and fooled people.” And you’re going to let him cast aspersions on the god. Anyone is welcome to participate. Bring all of your receipts with you. 

Soon after, Mase responded and said that Diddy had used his mother, Janice Combs, as the name on all of his business transactions at Bad Boy. How dare this n***** demand receipts? In the video, Mase says “N***a, let’s start with your mother. N***a, your mother has the receipts. The name on everything is your mother’s. That person, n***a, is in possession of the receipts.

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