Marketing Strategies That Attract Modern Car Buyers

Marketing Strategies That Attract Modern Car Buyers


These days, car shopping starts online, most car buyers first do an online search before deciding to visit a dealership. However, one thing has stayed consistent: over 95% of car sales still happen at the dealership. In today’s auto market, visibility is important. Customers may know about your dealership, but do they know all the services you offer and how those services can benefit them?

Making sure your customers have a smooth and positive experience is the best way to build customer loyalty. Happy customers will not only come back but will also market your business to others. Want to create a marketing strategy that helps you sell more cars and reach more customers? Here’s how to do it.

Make Use of Video Marketing

Many car buyers want to understand how a car feels and looks before they buy it. 70% of shoppers said video helped them decide on an auto product they wanted to buy. Post videos on your website, your youtube channel, and on other social media sites. Videos convince prospects to buy a car long before they leave their house.

Further research by Google found that over 40% of car shoppers who watched a car or truck video ended up visiting a dealership. Using video in your marketing strategy is all about showing potential customers that your cars work as well as you claim. Videos will do all the work for you, you’ll only need to give prospects who visit your dealership that final push to convince them to buy.

Make Your Website User-Friendly

For your website to capture visitors, it must be well designed. Everyone who visits it must have a pleasant experience. Your website should load fast and be easy to navigate on mobile devices and computers.

Ensure your website is optimized for search engines. Inserting keywords throughout your website will not only help it rank higher on search engines but will also connect you to potential car buyers. Post useful content on your website like blog posts with beautiful car stock photos. Ensure the images show car features shoppers are looking for.

For instance, you can write articles on how to extend a vehicle’s lifespan or reduce fuel consumption. It all depends on your target audience. And if your marketing budget allows, hire a content marketer. They can help you create relevant content that converts leads into customers.

Encourage Happy Customers to Write Great Online Reviews

Car buyers want to buy from a dealership they trust because some car dealers lie to their customers. Potential customers may learn about your dealership online, so having a good reputation online will help you attract more car buyers. One of the best ways to build your reputation is by encouraging your happy customers to leave reviews online. Respond to those reviews, even the negative ones.

There are many sites where customers can leave reviews—Angi, Yelp, Foursquare, Google, and Facebook. Also, pay close attention to websites like CARFAX which attract serious car buyers. Prospects are more likely to choose your dealership if other people have said good things about it. The best thing about online reviews is their reach, they can be read by thousands and even millions of consumers at once.

To attract today’s modern car buyers, your automotive marketing strategy must promise car shoppers that they will have a great car buying experience. Make use of these great marketing strategies and you’ll be sure to stand out, even in a crowded auto market.

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