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March of the Lich King: When Has Hearthstone Planned to Release the Game?

Many current players will recognize the next hero class in Hearthstone: Heroes of the Storm. Hearthstone’s latest set, March of the Lich King, was announced on November 1.

There is a new hero class, cards, keywords, and cosmetics to acquire in further expansion. The good news is that the new Hearthstone content won’t be delayed for too long.

There will be a December 6th release for March of the Lich King. Players will be able to assume the role of a Death Knight in less than a month’s time.

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The Death Knight, equipped with the new hero ability “Ghoul Charge,” plans to use waves of undead minions to destroy his enemies.

In reality, “Undead” is now a recognized variety of minions that can be hybridized with other types to provide some cards with dual mechanics.

Thanks to its access to a new resource dubbed “Corpse,” the new hero class introduces new strategies to the game. As allies fall in battle, their bodies become resources for playing cards in the late game.

In addition to the additional passive resource, the “Runes” mechanism imposes limitations on the Death Knight’s deck construction. A DK deck’s rune count determines which cards it can and cannot hold.

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When March of the Lich King hits servers on December 6, players will have access to all of the newest cards. Bring along a warm coat, because the bar will likely be on the cold side.


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