Manny Jacinto reveals he was nervous when he met his Nine Perfect Strangers co-star Nicole Kidman for the first time


Nine Perfect Strangers is the latest novel by Liane Moriarty to be adapted for Television, once again with David E. Kelley at the helm (alongside co-creator John-Henry Butterworth) and Nicole Kidman in a starring role with their third collaboration together after Big Little Lies and The Undoing.

But here’s one thing, when it came to the meeting and greeting part of the Nine Perfect Strangers, Manny Jacinto revealed he was nervous.

In this week’s issue of PEOPLE, the Romeo Section star, 33, opened up about sharing the screen with Kidman in the new Hulu drama — and the one thing he was surprised to learn about the actress.

“When I first met her, she was actually really quite shy,” Jacinto says. “She’s actually very introverted, and that surprised me because I’m an introvert. I’m a very shy person and that gave me a lot of hope if anything. If this lady can have such an incredible body of work as an introvert, maybe there’s hope for other introverts out there. That was the biggest surprise, her shyness, but yet her willingness to be open.”

Here’s what Kidman had to say, “I didn’t really meet any of the people that were checking into Tranquillum House until the day we were shooting. “So when I came in and we shot the first episode first, it was pretty much like meeting all of them for the first time, and I stayed in character.”

“I was very much Masha, and the way I related to everyone was through my shop,” she continues. “So I think everyone thought I was completely crazy, but I would walk up, I’d put my hand on their heart, I would hug them — I was thinking primarily in my Russian-American accent.”

While the pair hadn’t officially met before filming, Kidman says she had been a fan of Jacinto — who played Jason Mendoza on the NBC sitcom The Good Place for four seasons — for quite some time.

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