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Major Movie Premiere in Theater June 3 & Everything You Need To Know!

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The movie Major, starring Adivi Sesh and based on the real-life Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, is set to come out in theaters on June 3. The latest news is that the censorship process for the movie Major has been finished in both Telugu and Hindi, and the CBFC has given it a “U/A” rating. There are also reports that the censors gave a standing ovation to the movie Major, which stars Adivi Sesh and has Saiee Majrekar and Shobita Dhulipala in the lead roles. The main roles in the movie are played by Prakash Raj, Revathi, and Murali Sharma. Adivi Sesh helped write the script.

Monday, actor Adivi Sesh said that his upcoming film “Major,” a biopic about Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, who died in the 2008 Mumbai terror attack, will have “exclusive previews” all over the country before it comes out in theaters on June 3. The biographical drama will be shown in three different languages: Telugu, Hindi, and Malayalam.

Sesh wrote on Twitter that he was teaming up with the online ticketing service BookMyShow for these preview screenings and that the story of Major Unnikrishnan is “something that every Indian need to see.”

“When we started getting promoted, I realized that no matter what I said in an interview, I need to make you feel the same way we do about Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan.

“So, for the first time ever in India, a big movie has teamed up with BookMyShow to show the movie to people all over the country. Before the official release on June 3, “Major” will be shown in advance in a number of cities. We have nothing to hide and lots of people to care about. The 37-year-old actor wrote, “See you soon in your city.”

The movie Major is an attempt to honor the life of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, an army officer who died in the 2008 Mumbai bombings. The movie was shot in both Telugu and Hindi at the same time. In Kerala, a dubbed Malayalam version will be shown.

Shobita Dhulipala recently said in an interview that she plays a hostage who gets stuck in the Taj Hotel.

Is Major movie real story?

The movie will come out in Hindi, Telugu, and Malayalam. It is about Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, who martyr in the 2008 26/11 terrorist attacks in Mumbai.

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