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Love Island Confirms The Return Of Casa Amor

The producers of Love Island have said that the show’s biggest twist will be back in 2022. In Casa Amor, which means “Love House” in Spanish, the contestants are split between two villas, and new Islanders are brought in to make it harder for couples to get along.

ITV2 said that Casa Amor would be back on Thursday, June 30, at the end of the episode. At the end of the episode, the famous flashing neon sign played, letting fans know that the famous second villa will soon be on TV.

The return of Casa Amor was confirmed after a dramatic episode in which three couples were in danger of being kicked off the island. Tasha and Andrew, Antigoni and Charlie, and Dancia and Jay found out they had gotten the fewest votes from the public and were now in danger. Here is a full list of the contestants who were kicked off.

While the couples were standing around the fire pit, Danica got a text message that said: “Tonight, only one boy and one girl will go home. This is something your fellow Islanders will decide.”

Ekin-Su then read a text message that said, “Girls, you need to decide which boy to dump now,” which the boys also got. As Love Island came to an end, the Islanders looked very sad. The results will be shown on Friday night’s show.

Then, a sneak peek for tomorrow night was shown, and Iain Stirling told the audience: “We’re done waiting. Casa Amor… is coming.”

For those who don’t know about the twist, each year the boys and girls are split up, and half of the contestants move to a different villa where they meet a new group of single people. New contestants also join the ones who are still in the original villa.

Casa Amor is often the scene of the most dramatic scenes on the show, where old relationships are tested and new ones are made. After a few days, the Islanders have to decide whether to stay with their current partner or pair up with someone else. They don’t know what their partner has chosen.

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