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Lootboxes vs Free Casino Bonuses: Are They Really That Different?

If it were for us to compare video games and casino games, we’d inevitably conclude that they’re very similar. 

Even so, we’d really like to know how similar their bonus features are. Since they’re a top priority for all types of players, making a comparison between the two may help you sort through the available gameplay options much more efficiently. 

Check out the curious differences and similarities between lootboxes and free casino bonuses below, and don’t hesitate to use them in order to improve your time spent playing!

Lootboxes vs Free Casino Bonuses: Are They Really That Different?

The distinctions between lootboxes & free casino bonuses

The purposes and accessibility of the two bonus features are surprisingly contrasting.

A few explanations are in order:


Unlike free bonuses, lootboxes were mainly created to support game developers. 

The reasons are simple

  • They help with the costs of keeping a game free and adding new features;
  • They increase the profitability of games that only require one payment as their sales decrease in time, making the development costs more difficult to cover.

But free casino bonuses meet slightly different needs

  • Bonuses are meant to increase profitability as well, but developers are not as dependent on them as they are on lootboxes;
  • They’re not needed to keep the games free, as most (if not all) casino games don’t have to be purchased in the first place.


How easily can you obtain such features, and why would you do it? 

Lootboxes aren’t always optional or free

  • Sometimes, players have to purchase them with in-game or real money to access certain game parts. In this case, they are inaccessible to the many players who can’t afford to invest in their gameplay;
  • They can drastically improve gameplay when they’re optional, as developers may only allow you to play a basic version for free. While the purchases aren’t required, they’re much needed to be able to enjoy the game long-term, and can become inconvenient;
  • Sometimes, lootboxes are accessible to all active players, as the only thing you need to do to obtain them is play.

Accessibility is rarely an issue with free casino bonuses

  • To obtain most free bonuses, all you have to do is create an account. Other eligibility conditions may apply, but they don’t usually involve spending any money;
  • Free casino bonuses are always optional, as no one can be required to claim a promotion. 

The similarities between lootboxes & free bonuses

Complex and potentially profitable, the two assets have more in common than one may think. 

Let’s discuss the most relevant similarities between them:

Lootboxes vs Free Casino Bonuses: Are They Really That Different?


Both lootboxes and free casino bonuses are highly diverse, as they vary from one game type to another:

  • Lootboxes: they can be customisation items, such as avatar characteristics, and consumable items (weaponry, skins, collectables);
  • Free casino bonuses: they can be free spins rewards, no deposit promotions, or bonus money, to give some examples.

Diversity is also a common trait when it comes to claiming them

  • Lootboxes can be free, in which case they get triggered by certain achievements or actions you complete during gameplay (for instance, when you level up) or paid. If you purchase them, you usually know what you’re about to get beforehand;
  • Free casino bonuses can mainly be obtained upon registration, completing your document verification procedure, playing a certain game, or being a VIP member. 

Wanted effects

While the reason for developing them differs, the wanted effects remain the same:

  • Both are expected to maintain the player’s interest;
  • Both involve motivating the player to invest money in the game: lootboxes do so by adding buyable features, while free bonuses give you the chance to see whether you like certain games enough to place further bets.

Lootboxes vs Free Casino Bonuses: Are They Really That Different?


You may or may not have to pay to obtain them, yet both assets involve some sort of transaction:

  • For lootboxes, prices are displayed clearly enough to know how much you need to pay to obtain them before requesting the transaction;
  • Free bonuses don’t have any initial fees attached. However, to be able to withdraw the money you earn by playing, you must meet certain wagering requirements. This usually implies betting with both real money and bonus funds.

Improved gameplay

Lootboxes and free casino bonuses make games more entertaining, and that’s something experienced by gamers and gamblers alike.

Whether they help you unlock certain levels or increase your casino balance, both assets stimulate players enough actually to enjoy their gameplay for a longer time. 

Furthermore, claiming either asset may help you obtain additional bonus features, which could be unavailable to the average player.


Despite their differences, lootboxes and free casino bonuses are extremely similar. 

They are designed to benefit both the developer and the player, making it possible for people to adopt enjoyable hobbies as the gaming and gambling industries expand.

However, all activities that can trigger addiction require moderation. As entertaining as they may be, bonus features should never be claimed in excess if you want to maintain your well-being.