‘Loki’ actor Owen Wilson opens up about getting help from brother Andrew post his 2007 suicide attempt


We all know Owen Wilson as the very famous and talented actor, who recently played Mobius M. Mobius in the Disney+ series ‘Loki’ and is one fine artist of his time.

The 52 year old American actor, comedian, producer and a screenwriter has featured in several superhit movies and series including, ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’, in 2001, ‘The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou’ in 2004, ‘The Darjeeling Limited’ in 2007, ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ in 2014, and ‘The French Dispatch’ in 2021.

In conversation with the ‘Esquire’ magazine for the September 2021 issue, the ‘Loki’ actor shed light on his past life battles and how his elder brother Andrew Wilson helped him with his struggles and recovery from trauma, after surviving a suicide attempt 14 years ago, in 2007.

Journalist Ryan D’Agostino shared that Andrew would be by Owen’s side, “rising with him each morning and writing up little schedules for each day so that life seemed at first manageable and then, at some point, a long time later, actually good.”

Talking about his suicidal thoughts and wanting to choose death over life during his darkest phase of the past, Owen revealed, “As a kid, there’s a lot of things that you think about. Death — that kind of landed with me when I was about 11. And I don’t remember ever talking with my parents about it. Although I do remember one time saying to my dad — and I remember exactly where in the house — saying, ‘I worry about dying,’ and seeing my dad turn away and catch himself. And I was surprised to see that reaction. But who knows, maybe that was part of why I said it.”

The actor further shared, “I don’t know. I’ve been in sort of a lucky place of feeling pretty appreciative of things. I know everything’s kind of up and down, but when you get on one of these waves, you’ve gotta ride it as long as you can. I’ve just felt — yeah. Feeling pretty grateful. Well, grateful’s one of those words that get used all the time. Appreciative. Of, you know, stuff.”


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