Here are Keanu Reeves’ Top 10 quotes of all times, that are sure to change your life


Keanu Reeves the 56-year-old was once the internet’s boyfriend and now he is everybody’s sweetheart. The Canadian actor is known for his grounded personality and his marvelous roles in epic movies like “The Matrix” and movie franchises like “John Wick”

The “Speed” actor is one of the highest-paid actors in the Hollywood entertainment industry with a net worth of $360 million approx. His appearance in John Wick Chapter 4 has recently become the internet sensation yet again. The versatile and veteran actor has made an appearance as a lead actor in many huge grossing movies, like, Speed (1994), The Matrix (1999), John Wick (2014), Constantine (2005), and many more.  

Let’s have a look at the actor’s top 10 quotes:


You know you are in the right hands if the angel himself shares his opinion. You always need to be kind in order to see the good in the world. He says, that if you have been broken then do not go on and break others too, in fact, try to heal them, that’s what real sassy people do.

Therefore, broken people should seek to help people, that’s what sassy people with a sweetheart does.


Do not settle for less, if you are not happy with your life then take charge of it. You are the only one responsible for everything that happened in your life. If you don’t like the life you are living right now then don’t keep living it, make a plan and see what can you do to get out of it.

Blame nobody else for your failures, for it is solely your fault and responsibility.


Let’s take a moment to appreciate how wonderful and full of respect this man is. In this quote, he signifies that for him the most beautiful thing on this earth is making women laugh. we know all of you are going awwwww… right now.

In this quote, he says that he respects and admires women with mystery, joy, and depth. Isn’t he adorable, with the respect he has for every woman?


The fact that falling in love is a strong statement but having a relationship is even stronger, may not be understood by many. Falling in love doesn’t get you responsible for the person, this is more about the one who falls in love.

Being in a relationship is about being responsible for the happiness and sorrow of the partner, it is about both the partner in the relationship.


Obviously, he is underestimating himself as usual, but he is telling us something about appearance and how it is not as worthy and important as people think it is.

A person may not be physically built or good-looking but he/she can be a wonderful artist and amazing at their job. Appearances are deceptive! And who said you are not good-looking, the society?


Love is all you need to see the beauty in the world. Now, love is everywhere, from your parents to your children to your dog and cats everyone loves you. You just need to see it. If you live without acknowledging the existence of love you are merely living and seeing the true colors of the beautiful world.


Just like he says, “Be thankful for the hard times” do not try to avoid the hard time it is beating you in shape. Many people do not bear the hardship and often their potential is wasted because they give up too soon. Do not give up! be grateful for the other road filled with thorns, spread darkness all over, do not take the road that looks good. The road not taken by many is the road of hardship and the destination is beautiful and more than you can imagine.


Keanu is known for his shy personality, he also stays away from social media, maybe he does that because he knows people more than us. This is a no-brainer that people have their own perspective on everything that is happening around them.

Therefore, it is better to keep your theories to yourself and speak them in the form of your action rather than sharing them with people who won’t understand you. It is important for anyone to stay intoxicated in order to have a free and healthy mental space but with a person who doesn’t understand your things become very difficult, so try to distance yourself from them and do not share your feelings because they might not get you.


Can anything be bigger and better than having faith in yourself, no! We often listen to people and let go of our dreams based on their opinions. what good are people doing to us anyways, you and only you will be responsible for the journey that you lived. So, live it good and don’t listen to “Them”


We can say that Keanu follows the classic Konstantin Stanislavski method of acting. To find the character in yourself and to present it on screen is probably one of the hardest things to do, but this experienced veteran actor does it with ease.

Playing characters and finding the character in yourself, relating to it in every way requires a different level of mastery and Keanu Reeves is no stranger to that. Bringing compassion in the world by playing characters is often a blessing in disguise for actors.






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