List of Public Service Changes Done By Premier| All Changes Need To Be Implement Soon

Chief Tim Houston declared changes to the senior positions of Nova Scotia’s public assistance today on Aug, 31. These progressions do exclude the government’s new medical services administration structure, which will be reported sometime in the future.

“Our government looks forward to working with Nova Scotia’s superb, professional public service as we implement the program we were elected to deliver,” said Premier Houston. “I want to congratulate the new deputy ministers we are appointing into senior roles and thank departing officials for their service to the province.”

The New Deputy Administrators added-

  • April Howe, delegate clergyman of Fisheries and Aquaculture, beforehand senior leader guide to the agent priest of Justice
  • Karen Gatien, delegate clergyman of Natural Resources and Renewables, beforehand partner appointee priest, Education and Early Childhood Development
  • Peter Hackett, delegate serve, Public Works, already boss architect, Transportation, and Active Transit.

Different individuals from the delegate group include:

  • Laura Lee Langley, delegate priest to the Premier, Clerk of Executive Council, CEO of Communications Nova Scotia, and Head of the Public Service
  • Paul LaFleche, Departments of Seniors and Long-Term Care and Municipal Affairs and Housing
  • Tracey Taweel, Community Services and Status of Women
  • Justin Huston, L’nu Affairs, African Nova Scotian Affairs, Gaelic Affairs and Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage
  • Cathy Montreuil, Education and Early Childhood Development
  • Scott Farmer, Economic Development and Environment and Climate Change
  • Loretta Robichaud, Agriculture
  • Candace Thomas, Justice
  • Catherine Berliner, Office of Equity and Anti-Racism Initiatives
  • Kelliann Dean, Intergovernmental Affairs and Finance and Treasury Board
  • Nancy MacLellan, Advanced Education
  • Andrea Anderson, Public Service Commission
  • Joanne Munroe, Service Nova Scotia and Internal Services
  • Ava Czapalay, Labor Skills and Immigration
  • Fred Crooks, Office of Regulatory Affairs and Service Excellence

Delegate and partner agent pastors leaving the public help include:

  • Duff Montgomerie, previous appointee priest of Labor and Advanced Education
  • Bernie Miller, previous delegate priest of Office of Strategy Management
  • Julie Towers, previous agent clergyman of Environment and Climate Change
  • Simon D’Entremont, previous agent clergyman of Energy and Mine
  • Eiryn Devereaux, previous agent clergyman of Infrastructure and Housing
  • Késa Munroe-Anderson, previous agent clergyman of Communities, Culture and Heritage
  • Sandra Cascadden, previous partner agent clergyman of Health and Wellness
  • Paula Bond, previous partner agent clergyman of Health and Wellness

All progressions are taking effect right now…


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