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Leonardo Di Caprio Dating History: The Model-Filled Love Life of Leonardo DiCaprio

Camila Morrone, who used to be a model but is now an actress, and Leonardo DiCaprio have been together for five years, but they broke up a month after she turned 25. The 47-year-old star of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” has never been seen in public with a woman older than her mid-twenties, and this breakup seems to confirm that.

Leonardo DiCaprio and model Camila Morrone broke up recently after four years of dating. Soon after the news came out on August 30, the internet was full of memes that made fun of how the “Wolf of Wall Street” actor seems to break up with his famously young girlfriends around the time they turn 25.

Since Morrone turned 25 on June 16, it seemed like their time together was coming to an end. Here’s a look back at some of the other beautiful women who once won the heart of the handsome actor.

GISELE BUNDCHEN (2000-2005) –

Gisele was between 18 and 23 years old when they were together: In 2000, when he was 25, he started dating Gisele Bundchen, who was only about 18 at the time. Before they broke up in 2005, they were together for five years. In 2005, Leo even took her to the Oscars as his date. They were often seen at basketball games and were both very interested in bringing attention to environmental issues.

In 2015, Bündchen broke up with him and told Access Hollywood, “We just were not meant to be boyfriend and girlfriend.” She also said, “I respect him a lot, and I wish him the best.” She started dating Tom Brady in 2006, and they got married in 2009.

BAR REFAELI (2005–2011):

Bar was between 20 and 25 years old when they were together: Leo dated Sports Illustrated model Bar on and off until 2011. This was after his relationship with Bündchen ended. At the time, a source told The New York Post that their breakup was friendly, that they are still friends, and that they still talk. They just stopped getting along and went their own ways. “Neither is ready to settle down, and their busy careers have been taking them in different directions.”

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After dating for six years, the actor broke up with Bar around the same time that the Israeli model turned 25. After Leo did not go with the supermodel to the Met Gala in New York in 2011 and instead spent the night at the city’s hottest spot, Top of the Standard, there were rumors for weeks that they were breaking up. DiCaprio spent a weekend with Bradley Cooper and Ryan Kavanaugh in Mexico a month earlier.


Blake was 23 years old when they were together: Leo dated the woman who is now married to Ryan Reynolds for just one year when she was 23. DiCaprio met her at the Cannes Film Festival in 2011. After that, they dated for a year, going on romantic dates in Venice, Los Angeles, and New York City.

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Late in the summer of 2011, Lively went to Australia to see DiCaprio, where he was making The Great Gatsby. In October 2011, a source told People that the actors were still friends after the breakup. “Work commitments” on DiCaprio’s part are said to have led to the breakup. Blake is now married to the actor Ryan Reynolds, and the two of them have three kids together.


Erin was 22 years old when they were together: In 2012, when she dated DiCaprio, the former Victoria’s Secret Angel was only 22 years old. The couple dated for ten months before they broke up in October 2012, supposedly because they had “crazy schedules.” At the time, a source told US Weekly, “There is no bad blood between them; they still care a lot about each other.”

Both of them are just very busy because they have crazy schedules. They still care for and love each other a lot. Just that it was time to move on.’ After they broke up, she said, “He is a great guy and he is my friend, so I wish him the best.” It was said that Erin was unfortunate when her relationship with the actor who liked supermodels ended.

TONI GARRN (2013-2014):

Toni was 20 or 21 years old when they were together: After almost two years together, Garrn, a model who was born in Germany, and Leo broke up when she was 21. From May 2013 to December 2014, they were together for 18 months. Tabloids say that Garrn broke up with Leo after seeing him leave a Miami nightclub with 20 women.

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After they broke up the first time, they were seen together a few times, but then they decided to end it for good. After they broke up, they were once seen leaving a club in NYC hand in hand. At about the same time, Leo was seen with model Lorena Rae. They did not often walk the red carpet together, but they were sometimes seen in public. After they broke up, Toni went out with NBA player Chandler Parsons for a year before they broke up in 2016.


Kelly was 25 when they were together: When she started dating Leonardo DiCaprio in June of 2015, she was 25 years old. US Weekly says that both parties agreed to the split: “It was a two-way street,” a source told the magazine. They are both very busy with work and other things in their lives right now. “Because of that, they both had to take a break.” They are still friends and talk, but they are no longer together. Another source told People, “They are very nice, and it is a very friendly situation.”

He has a big movie coming out, and she is one of the most famous supermodels in the world. “There is no one else in the picture,” she said. The fact that they spent New Year’s Eve apart, with the Revenant actor partying in St. Barths and the model spending the night with her family, seemed to confirm that they were no longer together. A source told People that Leo spent New Year’s Eve with blondes and brunettes and that Leo’s longtime friend Lukas Haas was among his male friends.

NINA AGDAL (2016-2017) –

During their time together, Nina was 24 or 25 years old: Leo and the Danish swimsuit model broke up when she turned 25 in 2017. During the time they were dating, they took trips to Ibiza, St. Bart’s, and the Bahamas together. Most of the time, DiCaprio and Agdal did not publicly talk about their relationship. At the time, a source told PEOPLE that their breakup was “friendly.” In May, they were first seen together at the Up & Down club in New York City.

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The actor went to the nightclub with Agdal and a group of friends. They spent the night partying in the VIP area. The following month, DiCaprio and Agdal were seen on a weekend trip to Montauk, New York. In late August 2016, the two of them were in a car accident. Even though an ambulance was called to the scene of the accident in the Hamptons, it was small. They broke up the following year. A source said that it was DiCaprio who ended the relationship. The insider said, “He is not ready to settle down and just is not in the mood to get married or have kids.”

CAMILA MORONNE (2017–2022):

Camila was between the ages of 20 and 25 when they were together: After five years together, Leonardo and his girlfriend Camila Morrone, who used to be a model but is now an actress, have reportedly broken up. A person close to Leo told The Sun on Tuesday that the two of them broke up “quietly” earlier this summer. People who know DiCaprio well told the magazine that he and Morrone have been drifting apart lately. A source said that Leo and Camila broke up over the summer.

“They do not feel wrong about each other. It just made sense to end it there.’ The Revenant star, who is 22 years older than Camila, met her for the first time when Camila was only 12. His longtime friend Al Pacino, who had been dating Camila’s mom Lucila Solá for years, set them up, and Leonardo seems to have stayed friends with the family for a long time. Leonardo and Camila got together for real sometime in 2017 after he broke up with model Nina Agdal a few days before the Cannes Film Festival.

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At first, both of their reps denied that they were dating. The following year, they went to Ellen DeGeneres’ birthday party together, and later that year, they were seen holding hands at Coachella. This brought more attention to their relationship. Later in 2018, an anonymous source told People that the relationship had become more severe because the two were “very in love and serious” and had “talked about getting engaged.” The source said that Leo had “never loved a girl like this” and was even thinking about having kids with his new love.

Leo’s promise not to talk about his relationship in public was tested in 2019 when he and Camila had movies that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. He walked the red carpet for his Quentin Tarantino film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, while she did the same for her acclaimed drama Mickey and the Bear. They did not walk together to either screening, and he did not say she was his girlfriend at the festival.

Later in the summer of 2019, Camila posted a romantic photo of Humphrey Bogart and his much younger wife, Lauren Bacall. This was a reminder to her fans that Leo likes to date young women. She captioned it “A love like this,” but many fans criticized her for dating a much older man. In response to the controversy, she wrote in her Instagram Stories, “My god, people are so mean and angry at people they know nothing about.”

“I guess I just hope that on this Friday, people learn to live with a little less hatred and find other things to do with their time and interests, because it feels pretty good to live without hatred.” In 2020, they kept walking red carpets separately, but they sat together at the Oscars for the first time as a couple. By December, E! News said that they had moved in together, which was a big step. During the whole year of 2022, the couple was seen holding hands and was said to be as close as ever.

DiCaprio was even seen walking Camila’s foster dogs by himself, which shows that he thought of himself as a parent to them just as much as she did. In June, the star of “The Wolf of Wall Street” was seen at the beach with his father and Al Pacino, who Camila still calls her stepfather even though he broke up with her mother. One of the last times the two were seen together in public was on July 3, when they went to a beach in Malibu.

However, they were not photographed together at the time. Now it looks like Camila has joined the list of Leo’s ex-girlfriends, none of whom are known to have dated him after he turned 25. On June 16, she turned 25 years old.

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