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Lenny And Lisa Divorce: Lenny Hochstein Files For Divorce From ‘housewives’ Star.

Officially, Lenny Hochstein is the petitioner. The responder is his wife of 12 years, Lisa Hochstein. Monday, the alleged Boob God filed for divorce in Miami-Dade County. As reported by The Sun, the 55-year-old plastic surgeon claimed “irreconcilable issues” Local court filings stated, ” marriage is irretrievably ruined and there is no present chance for a genuine reconciliation.” His attorney is Richard J. Preira of Coral Gables; the “Real Housewives of Miami” star, whose maiden name is MacCallum, is not listed, according to a docket obtained by the Miami Herald.

The Hochstein’s have been married for twelve years and have two children: Logan, age six, and Elle, age two. According to The Sun, the exes signed a prenuptial agreement, which stipulates that he will pay alimony. Hochstein demanded “regular timesharing” and stated that he will “provide for all of the children’s needs” in his application.

Last week, the native Russian disclosed to Page Six the upcoming separation. “Lisa and I are divorcing,” he informed the media source. “I refused this a few weeks ago because I am attempting to protect my family during this process. This is a really tough time, and I would appreciate some privacy so that we can best care for our beloved children.”

Additionally, the New York City newspaper published photographs of him with his current girlfriend, Katharina Mazepa, 26, outside Prime 112 in South Beach. “None of this occurred until after the decision to divorce was taken,” Hochstein said of his new model girlfriend.

Lisa Hochstein, age 39, stated in response to the news: “With two young children involved, I will devote all of my attention and time to them,” the Canadian native said. His conduct and careless handling of the situation have taken me by surprise.

Lisa admitted on the Peacock reality show earlier this year that she was close to divorcing Lenny Hochstein years ago due to his “emotional affair.” The identity of that woman was never known. Several years ago, the Hochsteins made headlines for a different reason: they gained the right to demolish a historic 1920s mansion by architect Walter DeGarmo to construct their current mansion in 2014. Who will receive the 20,000-square-foot lakefront home in the divorce? This is going to be intriguing.

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