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Lala Kent may be ‘in love’ with her new man after Randall Emmett separated

She wants Lala because of him. One year after she broke up with Randall Emmett, “Vanderpump Rules” star Lala Kent said on SiriusXM’s “Jeff Lewis Live” that she “might be in love with someone.”

“I know! When her co-host Mercedeh Javid Feight gasped at her confession on Friday, she said, “I do not know how that happened.” When asked about her mystery man, she said that her friends had been trying to “hook” her up with him for a while and that once they went out, they “had a lot of fun.”

“I saw him right away. “When the right face hits, it is over,” she said. Kent, who is 32 years old, went on to say that he was “funny and smart.”

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He also said, “His face does not match what he is saying.” He looks like a unicorn, because he is. I am going to have to do something like have his baby.”

When asked about his age, she said that these days she likes men who are under 40, which is different from when she was with Emmett, who was 51. “Just below 40 is safe right now,” she said.

Before, the author of “Give Them Lala” was in the news because of her troubled relationship with Emmett. It is reported that Kent had broken up with the producer in October after being engaged for three years.

Two months later, she said that their painful breakup was the worst thing that had ever happened to her. “I wish someone would have told me, ‘I am getting direct messages about you.’

“No one said they were worried about me or my relationship,” Kent said at the time on the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast. “I would give anything to turn back time and find out what happened.”

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Then, in June 2022, an article in the Los Angeles Times said that the film producer had offered actresses work in exchange for sex. He has denied this.

Kent, who has a daughter with her ex-boyfriend, Ocean Kent Emmett, said that Emmett “tackled” her and pushed her to the ground when she found out about his cheating.

His spokesperson, however, “These allegations are false and part of a now-familiar smear campaign organized by Randall’s ex-girlfriend to influence their custody dispute.

“Lala Kent lied and took advantage of other people in a desperate attempt to get full custody of her daughter, keep her name in the news, and stay in reality TV.”

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