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Khloé Kardashian Then Now: See How Much Her Face Has Changed Over The Years

The Kardashians and Jenners have never all looked so different when they first hit the screen in 2007 (Wow, was that really that long ago?!), but let’s spread the word: Khloe Kardashian has had the biggest transformation of them all!

Kendall Jenner and her sister Kylie Jenner weren’t actually counted as children when Keeping Up With the Kardashians began, so inevitably they look very different now. Chloe’s appearance changed subtly over the first few seasons of the show, and then quite dramatically in the later seasons. It looks accomplished and almost unrecognizable!


Chloe has changed a lot in the last three years, and it’s not just her hair that has gotten lighter and lighter over the years, eventually becoming a very LA-appropriate blonde shade. It’s left (I think Khloe goes with all hair colors—even red when she dabbles briefly in this bold shade—but we have to admit that we’re obsessed with her blonde hair.)


No way!) Khloe’s face really started to change in 2015. Losses and possibly some cosmetic procedures. Khloe herself has admitted to some of the procedures she’s had (that’s changed!), telling Andy Cohen at last year’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians reunion that she had nose surgery, Botox, multiple rounds of I told her I got an injection (perhaps she was referring to it).To a filler? ) over the years. We believe some of these surgeries are very evident in the images from 2015-2018.
Just when Khloe was perfect and didn’t want to change her face, she (as many fans called it) went overboard with alleged cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery, making us all Amazing. Between 2019 and 2021, Khloe started looking like a completely different person. It’s interesting that Khloe gave birth to her and Tristan Thompson’s now 3-year-old daughter True in 2018.

The drastic change in her appearance follows Tristan’s recent cheating scandal to a level that she doesn’t recognize. It seems to be a bit of Chloe’s pattern since it’s back to. Many of mom’s swanky pics can be attributed to partial filtering and other photo editing apps (we know the Kardashians are addicted to Photoshop for a variety of reasons.

Kim Kardashian’s latest Photoshop failure is not over yet!) See how her face changed in ways we could never have imagined. In 2012 alone, in addition to the surgery she admitted to, speculation abounded that Khloe may have had an eyebrow lift (from 2012 to 2021 if you don’t believe it!) as well as her wrinkles.

Botox to achieve a flawless complexion, facial fillers (which might include cheek and chin fillers), and the very obvious lip fillers that fans were so worried about earlier this month. The difference in images cannot be ignored or understood! What do you think of her transformation?


Khloé has continued to wow her fans with her transformation this year most of which has been thanks to her post-break-up revenge body, which only seems to be getting more enviable by the day. However, fans were shocked by something completely different recently; and that`s a previously unseen, unedited, and unfiltered picture of Khloé that shows her looking a little (ok, a lot!) different to the Khloé we are used to seeing.

How does she look *so* different?! The almost unrecognizable picture (along with a few others) was posted on Reddit on Monday, July 4th, with her ever-changing appearance being the main topic of discussion.

Although it’s unclear when the picture in question was taken, fans on Reddit have speculated that it could have been as far back as 2018, and before the nose job she confessed to having that year. And the fan opinions on whether Khloé looks better sans makeup and filters were extremely divided! “This will be a very unpopular opinion but when khloe is barefaced it doesn`t look like she`s gotten a lot of work done,” one fan wrote, in reference to the unseen pic.

“With her makeup on, she looks like she’s had seven face transplants. I think the first photo is from 2018, but it’s almost identical to her teenage photo,” they said. added. “I think she put in a lot of effort, but I think it’s really the photoshop that makes her unrecognizable,” speculated another fan, while several others agreed.

Boatloads of Photoshop,” tipped another fan, while another thought her face had changed *most* since she started dating Tristan. has changed a lot since 2018…since Tristan, she’s gone nuts doing her job…sad,” a fan commented. “I think Chloe is better at editing photos and contouring makeup than the other sisters. I think that’s one of the reasons why every photo looks so different. Because these things aren’t always easily reproducible in every photo…she definitely did a job, but I think it’s less than you might think based on her photos,” said another fan.

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