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Key Elements That Should Be Part of Your Steakhouse Restaurant Design

When you think of a classic steakhouse, there is probably a certain ambiance that comes to mind.

If you’re planning on opening up a new steakhouse and want your restaurant to have that feeling of the steakhouses of old, there are certain design elements you should pay extra attention to, especially when it comes to interior design and decor.

This article will give you some tips on what key elements you should include as part of your steakhouse restaurant design.

Focus on These Elements To Turn Your Steakhouse into a Modern Classic

Wood and leather booths

The restaurant booths you choose for your steakhouse play a big role in creating its ambiance.

While you can also include traditional tables and chairs in your steakhouse seating plan, restaurant booths are one of the best ways to maximize capacity and provide an intimate dining environment for bigger groups of guests.

But, you don’t want to go for just any old type of booth seating. To give your steakhouse a classy, elegant feel, you should opt for leather and wood restaurant booths, preferably darkly colored ones.

For example, black or dark brown leather upholstery on dark wooden booths works very well in steakhouse-style restaurants.

Wood accents

In keeping with the theme of your wood and leather restaurant booths, you should try to include as many wood accents as possible throughout your steak restaurant.

For example, your tables and chairs might be all wood or a mix of wood and metal in colors that complement your booths.

Your steakhouse bar could also be made of solid wood for a very classic-feeling restaurant bar.

Elegant lighting

Steakhouses typically benefit from lighting on the dimmer side in the yellow spectrum, which creates a cozy, fine-dining atmosphere for your clients.

In terms of lighting fixtures, you may want to consider options like classic chandeliers and wall sconces for a more traditional vibe.

Or, if you’re going for more of a modern elegance approach, you could use industrial-style light fixtures and exposed retro-style light bulbs.

You might also consider placing antique candelabras in the center of each table, which you can light up with electric candles for safety and practicality.

Vintage flooring

All your other classic steakhouse design elements will look out of place without the proper flooring.

Many older steakhouses were carpeted with darkly colored or funky-patterned carpets. But, if you want to avoid the hassle of carpet cleaning, you could consider flooring your new steakhouse with some vintage tiles.

Pick a color of flooring that will complement your restaurant booths, chairs, tables, and other accents. For example, black and white checkered or otherwise patterned tiles might be a safe bet.

Or, if you want to go for more of a rustic feeling, you could skip the tiles and go for a wood floor instead. The wood will scuff and age over time, which will add to the classic ambiance of your restaurant.


Hanging heavy, dark curtains made from velvet or another upscale material is a good way to separate areas in your steakhouse.

For example, if you have different dining rooms, you can hang curtains between them and pull them to the side during normal service. Then, if anyone ever reserves a whole dining area for a private dinner or special event, you can close the curtains to give them more privacy.

Exposed brick

Exposed brick adds texture to large, blank spaces and conveys a feeling of warmth and coziness.

If your restaurant building has brick walls, leave the brick exposed to impart the space with character that just can’t be replicated with other types of walls.

Combined with the right lighting fixtures, restaurant booths, and other decor, exposed brick will make your guests feel like they’ve stepped into a steakhouse from days past.


This is optional, but many steakhouses have some type of fireplace in them. As you probably know, a warm, flickering fire just makes everything feel cozier and more inviting.

If you don’t have room for a fireplace, you could consider having an exposed grill in the kitchen where guests can see your chefs and cooks flipping their steaks. The flames and smoke from all that delicious meat cooking away is sure to have your guests’ mouths watering!

The Importance of Steakhouse Restaurant Design

Restaurant design plays a huge role in how successful your business is. The right seating layout helps you maximize capacity to increase sales volume, and the right decor encourages your customers to keep coming back.

Of course, your food needs to be good too, but people don’t just dine out for the sake of eating — they want to have an experience.

Steakhouses offer one of the most traditional, beloved dining experiences people can have, so you want to make sure your steakhouse can compete with the best of them.

Setting the right atmosphere with everything from your restaurant seating to the accents on your other furnishings improves the overall experience for customers, who will tell their friends and acquaintances about how great your restaurant is.

Focus on the design elements mentioned in this article, and you should be well on your way to providing a modern steakhouse experience that will have the whole neighborhood talking!

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