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Kevin Gates Break Up With Wife: Kevin Gates Was Seen With Jojo Zarur Not Too Long Ago. Did He Break Up With Dreka?

Once again, there are rumors that “Really Really” rapper Kevin Gates and his wife of almost seven years, Dreka, are breaking up.

Kevin was recently seen out and about in New York with celebrity stylist, entrepreneur, and Love & Hip Hop: Miami alum Jojo Zarur, and the rumor mill hasn’t been able to stop talking about them since. Kevin and Jojo talked about a lot for the last time in the fall of 2021. What’s happening? Did Kevin and Dreka break up?

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Kevin Gates Was Seen In New York With Jojo Zarur. Did He And Dreka Break Up?

Kevin and Jojo Zarur are taking a break at one of New York’s best restaurants in a new video that is making the rounds on social media. Kevin took the short clip, which shows the stars having a casual chat. As far as I can tell, they are sitting next to each other.

In October 2015, Kevin Gates Married His High School Sweetheart, Dreka.

Kevin has said before that he and Dreka might not be monogamous, but he hasn’t said more about that yet. Kevin and Dreka got married in October 2015, and even though there were rumors that they were going to break up, they have been happy together ever since.

In an interview with Complex in 2015, Kevin said he didn’t want to call Dreka his longtime girlfriend because he thought she was more than that. She is his best friend and life partner, as he said.

“No, I’ve never been with someone for a long time,” he said. “I have a best friend. We have known each other for 14 years. She is my business partner, and I tell her everything. She is my life partner and business partner. I don’t do girlfriends. That’s just a date.”

Also, he and Dreka run the label Bread Winners’ Association, which puts out Kevin’s and other artists’ music.

Islah Koren was born on November 30, 2012. She is Kevin and Dreka’s first daughter. Khaza Kamil Gates, who was born on May 10, 2014, is also their son. Kevin has written songs for his loved ones, like “Dreka” in 2020, “Khaza” in 2019, and “Islah” from his 2016 studio album.

There were rumors that Kevin and Dreka broke up in May 2020, July 2021, and October 2021. It could be said that these rumors have made the fandom a little less sensitive. Many people don’t believe the rumors until Kevin and Dreka themselves say that their relationship is over.

Summer Walker, Who Is With Lvrd Pharoh, And Renni Rucci Have Both Been Linked To Kevin Gates In The Past.

Kevin gave the rumor mill a boost in the spring of 2022, before he filmed the clip of his dinner with Jojo Zarur, by putting his arm around Summer Walker’s shoulder. In 2021, Summer was with LVRD Pharoh for a few months.

Kevin and Renni Rucci, a South Carolina-born rapper best known for hits like “Richie Rich,” “Don’t Like Me,” and “Elevators,” have also been linked to dating rumors in the past.

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