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Kerry Washington Weight Loss: How Much She Lose Weight? Her Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Kerry Washington looks better than ever at the age of 43, but this is not by chance. The Little Fires Everywhere actress admitted to Allure that she often exercises. “I love to work out. It’s really important to me; it’s part of the culture of my family,” she said.

However, Washington is all about balance when it comes to eating. “In general in life I try to live it, not diet,” she previously told People. “I think that’s hard when you’re restricting a lot. So I try to take it easy on a daily basis and do what’s going to make me feel good.”

Yes, that means a lot of fruits and vegetables. Here’s a look at what Washington eats on a daily basis.

  • She only eats vegan meals

Washington “has always been an extremely healthy eater,” according to Nonna Gleyzer, one of the actress’ personal trainers, in an interview with Shape.

“She eats a lot of vegan products, with little clean meals throughout the day,” She added that the celebrity emphasizes vegetables and lean meats.

Washington also told ELLE that she loves juices and smoothies, especially the ones made by Kim Snyder. The famous nutritionist is known for her recipes, like this Glowing Green Smoothie, which has spinach, celery, lemon juice, cilantro, and more. Washington said, “I try to keep it the same all year long.”

  • She drinks coconut water to stay hydrated

Can coconut not do anything? You can use it to cook, put it on your dry hair, and even take off your makeup with it. Her trainer says that Washington drinks it every day to make sure she stays hydrated. Gleyzer told Shape, “She loves coconut water, which gives her potassium and other important electrolytes.” “She works so many hours that she doesn’t have much time to play around. She has to be in the best shape every day, and she is.”

  • She stopped drinking as much

When Washington plays Olivia Pope on Scandal, she often has a glass of “wine” in her hand. But the actress told ELLE that she always has grape juice in her cup because she “wouldn’t be able to remember the two-page monologues otherwise.”

“I’m also not a drinker. I like to drink once in a while, but I couldn’t handle it. “You only see me take one sip, but I need to drink three cups to finish the scene,” she said. “I usually drink when I’m in Rome.” She doesn’t really have a favorite drink at this point. “When I travel, I drink what they have there or I get a special cocktail.”

Washington instead focuses on drinking a lot of water.“The things my mother always stressed were to drink a lot of water and get a lot of rest, which I used to roll my eyes at,” she told Oprah Magazine. “Now I think she’s a genius. Health and wellness really are the sources of beauty.”

  • She knows how to satisfy her sweet tooth, though

Well, don’t we all! Washington seems to leave room on her menu for something sweet. The Little Fires Everywhere actress told Glamour in the past that Sprinkles Cupcakes and Eleni’s Cookies are some of her favorite foods.

She told the magazine, “Eleni’s cookies are like the crack of cookies.” She also said that she once sent them to her Scandal co-stars while they were filming. “The day I brought Eleni’s cookies, we were filming in downtown L.A., and there was a robbery and a shootout at the store below our set. We were like, ‘They heard we have a crack!’ We were just joking about the crack in the cookies!'” she laughed as she thought back.

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