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Kelly Clarkson Divorce Complete Info: Kelly Clarkson’s Divorce Settlement With Ex-husband Brandon Blackstock In $1.3 Million.

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Kelly Clarkson is an American singer and songwriter who became the country’s sweetheart after winning the first season of ‘American Idol.’ Not only did her victory launch her to popularity, but it also landed her a multi-album deal with ‘RCA Records,’ ’19 Recordings,’ and ‘S Records.

‘ Since then, she has released a number of studio albums, three of which have debuted at the top of the ‘US Billboard 200’ list, while the others have come dangerously close. She has established herself as one of the most successful musicians to emerge from the ‘American Idol series.

As she gained popularity, she experimented with a variety of themes and musical styles, frequently co-writing her songs to express her inner thoughts. She received widespread critical praise and a slew of important accolades for her uniqueness and vocal skill.

Notably, she has won three ‘Grammy Awards.’ She has featured in films and television series in addition to her singing career. Additionally, she authored the children’s book ‘River Rose and the Magical Lullaby’ and has volunteered for a variety of philanthropic causes.

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Kelly Clarkson: Personal Life DetailsĀ 

In 2013, Kelly Clarkson married Brandon Blackstock, the son of her manager. River Rose Blackstock, their daughter, was born in 2014. Clarkson is a well-known philanthropist who has donated to numerous philanthropic causes and performed at numerous benefit events.

Why Did Kelly Clarkson Get Divorced?

Kelly Clarkson’s divorce procedures from Brandon Blackstock began in June 2020, when she filed papers claiming “irreconcilable differences.” According to Us Weekly, a source revealed in June

Although Kelly has stated that she will never be ‘really transparent’ about their divorce for the sake of their children, the television personality did make an allusion to one probable explanation during a segment on her show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, regarding what she learned in 2020.

Despite referring to 2020 as a “dumpster fire” and an “emotional rollercoaster,” Kelly acknowledged that she took some positives away from the year and the personal growth she achieved.

“I’m glad in 2020 for the lesson I learned about… myself,” she explained. Even at the age of 38, I feel as though I am always evolving and progressing in a positive direction. And I’m constantly striving to be the best version of myself.”

2020 that Kelly and Brandon’s stay in quarantine altered their perspectives.

“They fought on so many levels and being confined together exacerbated their problems beyond repair. As a result, she sought a divorce,” they stated.

Kelly also mentioned that her mother, Jeanne, instilled in her the importance of surrounding herself with good people. Additionally, the singer implied that the couple had merely taken “differing paths.”

“My mother has been telling me this since I was a child: You are the company you keep,” Kelly explained. “You want to surround yourself with individuals who want to be the best versions of themselves and who care about a greater good for everyone, not just yourself, correct?”

“People, like, maybe detrimental to your health at times,” the television personality continued. And I believe that everyone automatically assumes, ‘Oh, well, that implies they’re awful.’ That is not necessarily the case; it simply signifies that you are on divergent paths.”

“And I believe that is OK. Everybody has a unique learning curve.”

How Much Does Kelly Clarkson Have To Pay Brandon Blackstock In Their Divorce Settlement?

Kelly Clarkson’s divorce settlement was settled following what appeared to be an endless battle between the former couple.

According to CNN, Kelly will pay a monthly child support payment of $45,601 for her two children with Brandon. This is despite the fact that she is the primary caregiver for their daughters.

Additionally, the American Idol judge, chart-topping singer, and talk show presenter must make a one-time payment of $1.3 million. Additionally, she is obligated to pay $115,000 in monthly spousal support through January 31, 2024.

How Many Kids Does Kelly Clarkson Have?

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock have two children together: River Rose, six, and Remington Alexander, four. Kelly became a dedicated stepmom to Brandon’s two older children, Savannah and Seth Blackstock when the former couple married.

According to The Sun, a court document indicated that the couple did not agree on their child-rearing plans. It is reported to have been a reader “The amount of parental conflict has escalated. The parties are having difficulty co-parenting due to their lack of trust in one another “‘.

How Did Kelly Clarkson And Brandon Blackstock Meet?

Kelly Clarkson met Brandon Blackstock in 2006 at a rehearsal for the Academy of Country Music Awards. They were both there. Brandon’s dad, Narvel, was the first person to introduce the two of them. There was no romance between Kelly and Brandon when they first met. Brandon was married to Melissa Ashworth, so they didn’t get to know each other until after they met.

When Brandon and Kelly met again years later at the Super Bowl, they didn’t have to go through all that again! Afterward, she told People that Brandon had been divorced for a year, and it was kind of like, “Is this too soon? Is this too soon?” But it worked.

The couple got engaged in 2012, and they got married in October of that same year. Now that their divorce is finally over, the two people are ready to start a new life together.

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