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Keke Palmer’s Dressed Up As The Marvel Superhero Rogue For Halloween; “You Had A Desire…”

The Nope star Keke Palmer dressed as Rogue from the X-Men for Halloween, essentially choosing to have the best costume ever. Palmer dressed up as the Marvel superhero on social media after being fan-cast for the role, writing the comment “You had a desire…” As soon as Nope was out, fans began imagining the cast, and Palmer has proven to be a rather popular candidate for the part whenever the group is introduced into the MCU.


The stars of Hollywood have been cast in fan-favorite roles ever since it was revealed that the X-Men would formally join the MCU. Palmer first gained attention for her ambition to play Anna Marie LaBeau during Nope’s promotional tour, which was sparked by a now-viral TikTok video (previously played by Anna Paquin in the 20th Century Fox films). Palmer’s on-screen and off-screen persona have inspired the fan love she has garnered for her role as Rogue, and this past Halloween, the Hustlers star further demonstrated why everyone is so eager to see her appear in the MCU.

For Halloween 2022, Palmer didn’t settle for a store-bought costume; instead, he had a green and gold Rogue super suit constructed with references to the vintage Marvel Comics suit, X-Men ’97, and the Bryan Singer X-Men series with the black leather.

To get fans even more excited about her playing Rogue in the MCU, the CEO of the KeyTV network had a professional photo shoot (which she posted on Twitter) and a sizzle reel (which she posted on Instagram) made of her in the eye-catching costume.

I promise! Nothing is too much trouble for you guys. Palmer shared her sizzle reel from playing Rogue on Instagram. “I’ll always be Rogue in your Marvel Universe,” I declared. Palmer tweeted a reference to the social media effort to get her cast as the longtime X-Men member, along with four photographs of herself in costume, writing, “You had a request…”

Palmer Becoming Rogue Became a Topic of Discussion

The possibility of Palmer becoming Rogue became a topic of discussion after a user called Jacob Ford Ridgway released a TikTok video in which he claimed Palmer was the ideal Rogue because of her lively nature. Regarding a video in which Palmer claimed to be “I loved watching this video of Keke Palmer taking her shot at [Marvel for] a superhero role, but I looked in the comments, and there weren’t really any good suggestions,” Ridgway said while decked out in head-to-toe leather for Vogue’s “7 Days, 7 Looks.” Keke needs to have room to maneuver in that position if you want her to provide a strong lead performance.

There is only one way I can think of to offer her that zany, boisterous character she loves while simultaneously causing a lot of people to lose their minds: make her Rogue! Let her toss a vehicle at Carol Danvers while sporting Daisy Dukes. “

Palmer has said publicly that she is prepared to play the role in the Kevin Feige-directed Marvel universe since the TikTok video, telling earlier in October: I just know that I have to perform every week because of the fans and the way they have me scheduled online. So let’s do it if Marvel is being added to it. I’m prepared for Rogue.

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