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Justin Trudeau Son: How Many Children Does He Have?

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a well-known political figure who is renowned for his progressive ideals and captivating style of leadership. Hadrien Trudeau, his son, represents the following generation in the Trudeau family lineage. Hadrien is the youngest child of Justin Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, having been born on February 28, 2014.

Hadrien has drawn notice from the public despite his young age since he frequently appears with his father at formal occasions and get-togethers. As the son of a well-known politician, Hadrien embodies the ideals his father promotes and represents the promise for continuity and renewal in Canadian leadership.

Justin Trudeau Son

In order to attend the G20 Summit in New Delhi on September 9 and 10, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has traveled to India. Alongside him is his son, Xavier Trudeau, who was spotted grinning as the plane touched down in the nation’s capital.

On September 8, Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar welcomed 51-year-old Justin Trudeau and his 16-year-old son at the airport. The Canadian prime minister and his oldest son can be seen disembarking from their plane and waving to those who are waiting for them at the terminal in a video that ANI posted on X, the previous Twitter platform.

Xavier Trudeau is accompanied by his father and greets officials while sporting a dapper beige suit over a black T-shirt. Prior to getting into their automobile, Xavier and his father also make a quick halt to observe a traditional dance.
Connaught Place in New Delhi is home to The Lalit Hotel, where Justin Trudeau is staying.

Prior to traveling with his father to India for the 18th G20 Summit, Xavier Trudeau and the Prime Minister of Canada visited two other nations. Right now, Justin Trudeau is visiting the Indo-Pacific area for six days.

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He began the tour on September 5 and left for Jakarta, Indonesia, to attend the ASEAN Summit. From September 7 to 8, he made a bilateral visit to Singapore. Now, on September 10, his visit will come to an end with the G20 Summit’s conclusion in New Delhi.
Xavier traveled to all three of the countries with his father, the prime minister.

In 2018, Justin Trudeau, together with his spouse and their three kids, made a state visit to India. With his wife, Sophie Gregoire, Justin Trudeau is the parent of three children: daughter Ella-Grace and sons Xavier and Hadrien. After 18 years of marriage, the pair announced their split last month. In 2005, the two tied the knot.

These are Trudeau’s three children:


Xavier, who is fifteen, is the eldest child of Trudeau and Grégoire Trudeau. He was born on the same day as Pierre Trudeau, the father of Justin Trudeau and a former prime minister of Canada.

Grégoire Trudeau shared a picture of Xavier and Hadrien grinning for the camera on a basketball court in April. “Noticing the size difference between my two sons just melts my heart… because I know Hadrien might tower over Xav one day. For now, he’s his basketball mentor. I wish they could get along as well in the house as they do on the court! Lol. To all parents out there… let’s remain playful as we grow!” she wrote.


Ella-Grace, 14, was welcomed into the Trudeaus family less than two years after Xavier was born. “Ella-Grace… my bright fairy… my beam of light… 14 years old now! Can a fairy stop time, please?”

In 2017, Trudeau stated, “I am so exceptionally proud of my daughter Ella-Grace,” in Marie Claire. “She’s growing up kind, super-smart, a passionate debater, open to the world around her. I love Ella, and I worry — because as a father, son, husband, and citizen, I witness the unequal obstacles women and girls face every day.”


Nine-year-old Hadrien, a boy, is the youngest child. Hadrien has also tended to make news with his actions. He lost his cool on his father’s first official visit to India in 2018.

Hadrien stole the spotlight in 2016 when his father traveled to Washington, D.C., and he went to Parliament with him in 2017. Additionally, Trudeau has shared his aspirations for his two boys.

“Our sons have the power and the responsibility to change our culture of sexism, and I want Xavier and Hadrien — when he’s a little older — to understand that deeply,” he wrote in that 2017 Marie Claire story. “But I want, too, to help them grow into empathetic young people and adults, strong allies who walk through the world with openness, love, and a fierce attachment to justice.”

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