Justin Bieber lights up the stage with ‘We The Band’ at the Las Vegas rock concert

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Justin Bieber recently posted a photo on his Instagram handle along with WETHEBAND. He posted multiple stories yesterday where he was singing his songs along with the band playing in the background for him. The concert was in Las Vegas.  

The Canadian pop star posted the picture while he stood in the middle of the band and all the members posed for him standing around him. He wore a white cap along with a white tee-shirt, added the look with a brown jacket and blue jeans, and topped it with white and baby pink sneakers.  

While one fan commented, “Frame this one” another said, “Boys, you guys did an amazing job in Vegas” within few minutes of posting the group picture, it got thousands of likes and comments loving the support Justin gave to the band.  

He also posted another picture a few minutes apart of himself rocking a mic while playing with the band. The photo looked absolutely stunning and it looked like he was ready to rock the concert in Las Vegas, which they did.  

The Where are you now singer posted another photo minutes apart with the king of stand-up comedy Dave Chapelle himself. The photo is in black and white while he is seen shaking hands with Dave, surrounded by liquor and friends.  

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