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Who Is Josh Hutcherson Girlfriend, Claudia Traisac? A Hollywood Love Story!!

Despite being one of the most well-known movie stars in the world, Josh Hutcherson keeps his relationship with Claudia Traisac private. Continue reading to find out more about Josh Hutcherson girlfriend, Claudia, and their hidden romance.

Josh Hutcherson Girlfriend, Claudia Traisac

Claudia Traisac is a Spanish actress from Leganes, Spain, who was born on December 14, 1992. The majority of Claudia’s early acting credits are from Spanish-language TV series and movies like Vivir sin Permiso and Cuéntame cómo pasó.

Here is a picture of Josh and Claudia stepping out together for lunch:


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She debuted in the English language in Escobar: Paradise Lost in 2014. She played Maria, the niece of Pablo Escobar, in the film Escobar: Paradise Lost.

About the film, Claudia said to Shock Ya, “It was a dream to be a part of a movie like this, and I fell in love with the script and the character, who’s so strong.”

“I battled for the role because I was so engrossed in the material. In addition to learning English, I worked on my accent with a Colombian instructor. It was my first time visiting a distant part of the world.”

“I had a lot of experiences that I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t been in the movie, and it was a significant event in my life. I was so excited for everyone, especially my family and friends, to see the movie.”

Josh Hutcherson Girlfriend, Claudia Traisac
Josh Hutcherson Girlfriend, Claudia Traisac

When Did Josh And Claudia Start Dating?

Although Josh and Claudia have not acknowledged their relationship in public, several media sources claimed that they first started dating in 2013. On the set of their movie Escobar: Paradise Lost, they initially became together.

Additionally, Josh and Claudia’s on-screen personas fall in love after meeting while traveling to Colombia, much to actual star-crossed lovers. Since then, Josh and Claudia have occasionally been sighted touring Los Angeles and other parts of the world together.

What Did Josh Actually Say About Claudia?

The actor from Five Nights at Freddy’s and the actress from El 7 Dia rarely ever discuss their relationship in public. Nonetheless, they eventually spoke up about it in a 2015 red-carpet interview with E!

You can also check out more information:

“It’s pretty good. Distance is hard, but we make it work,” Josh admitted to the outlet, while Claudia added, “I’m really happy. It’s really great.” 

The Hunger Games franchise star opened up later that year about how hard it can be to maintain a long-distance relationship. He said, “There’s a lot of traveling, a lot of Skype,” to the magazine Dujour at the time. “I feel like I’m with you because I’m seeing you and we’re talking, but also you’re a f**king screen. It’s very frustrating.”

However, it doesn’t appear that the couple has had any issues going through times of physical separation. They’ve managed to keep their romance going while still landing performing opportunities.

Is Claudia And Josh Still Together?

Josh and Claudia were seen celebrating Claudia’s 30th birthday in Spain in late 2022, thus it looks like they are still together as of 2023.

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