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Rumors About Johnny Depp Dating lawyer in his Defamation trial

The lawyer who represented Johnny Depp in the defamation case against Amber Heard earlier this year is supposedly his girlfriend. People magazine has confirmed via a source that Depp, 59, is dating one of his lawyers, Joelle Rich, for his libel trial in the United Kingdom scheduled for 2020.

London-based attorney Joelle Rich was part of the legal team assisting Depp in his case against the British tabloid The Sun. After a newspaper article labeled Depp a “wife beater,” he filed a lawsuit against the publication. A U.K. judge ruled against the Pirates of the Caribbean actor because the newspaper’s allegations were found to be “substantially true.”

Ex-wife Amber Heard supported The Sun’s assertions in court. In March 2021, Depp filed an appeal against the U.K. libel verdict, but it was rejected. Although she came to court for several days to “show her support,” Rich did not defend Depp in his defamation action against Heard this year in Fairfax County, Virginia.

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After reading an opinion piece by Heard in The Washington Post in which she discussed domestic violence, Depp filed a lawsuit against the actress. Depp was granted $10 million in damages after prevailing in a slander action filed by his ex-wife.

Furthermore, Heard received $2 million for a countersuit claim. Both former partners are contesting the judge’s decision. Social media users were quick to try and romantically associate Depp with one of his lawyers, Vasquez, during the American trial.

When asked about the rumors, Camille Vasquez told People they were “sexist” and that she had never dated Depp. I guess this is simply part of being a woman in the workplace,” Vasquez told the media.

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It is disappointing that specific media sources ran with it or implied that my dealings with Johnny, whom I consider a friend and have represented for four and a half years, were in any way unethical or unprofessional. Oh, that is bad. The news of Depp and Rich’s romance was first reported by US Weekly.

In the United Kingdom, Rich is an integral component of the Schillings team as a partner. She “helps individuals and families in the public eye protect their privacy and reputations both in and out of the courtroom,” according to her company’s website bio. It is unknown if Depp and Rich are dating because neither has commented on their relationship status.

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