John Nettles Illness: An Update On His Health Condition And Wellness In 2022


John Nettles is a well-known actor and novelist. The cast of Midsomer Murders In 2011, John Nettles left the show. There are no reports on the web about his illness or health problems. What was wrong with him? Let us find out.

John Nettles is a well-known actor and author who loves what he does. He is best known for playing Detective Inspector Tom Barnaby on the TV show Midsomer Murders, which ran from 1997 to 2011.

According to the My London News, John’s choice to leave the role of Tom Barnaby, the oldest detective, was not an easy one. Everything he did was for the best, and he rarely feels bad about it.

In terms of his acting career, he began working in movies in 1969 and did so until 2017. On IMDb, we can also find information about his movies and his life.

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John Nettles Illness And Health Update

John Nettles is alive and in good health. But there is a story in the news that he has asthma and has trouble breathing.

It’s about getting older. Some symptoms and signs might show up in older people. By God’s grace, there haven’t been any big problems yet.

Still, John is now 77 years old in the year 2021. He just came into the world on October 11, 1943.

His Wikipedia page says that his father, Eric Nettles, and his wife, Elsie, took him in when he was a baby (mother). His real mother was a nurse who moved to the UK during the Second World War to live a happy life.

John Nettles Wife: Who Is He Married To?

John Nettles has been happily married to Cathryn Sealey, his second wife, for almost 27 years.

In July of 1995, at Evesham, Worcestershire, they took a wedding oath. They care for each other because they love each other and are getting old.

Nettles was once married to Joyce Middleton, who was his first wife. They got married in 1967, but after 12 years they stopped loving each other and got a divorce in 1979.

John Nettles
John Nettles

What Is John Nettles’s Net worth?

John Nettles is a Cornish actor and writer with a net worth of $10 million. John Nettles was born in England in October 1943, in the town of St. Austell in Cornwall.

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