galaxy watch 5 Release Date Details

Galaxy Watch 5 Release Date: Price, Features, Design, And Latest Rumors


Samsung has established itself as a manufacturer of some of the most competent and desirable smartwatches on the market, and rumors of the upcoming Galaxy Watch device continue to surface.

New rumors about the design and features of the Galaxy Watch 5 are starting to come out. One key feature that might be possible is an expandable display. So far, this is all we know.

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When Will The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Be Released?

As you can see below, Samsung usually comes out with a new version of the Watch in August:

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch – August 2018
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 – N/A
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 – August 2020
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 – August 2021

The only time Samsung broke this pattern was when it released the Galaxy Watch Active and then the Watch Active 2, which came out in March and September of 2019. This model seems to have been put away, and the company has gone back to making regular Galaxy Watches.

Considering this history, it seems likely that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will be released in August 2022.

How Much Will The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Cost?

We won’t be able to say for sure how much the Galaxy Watch 5 will cost until a reliable leak comes out or Samsung makes an official announcement. In the meantime, we can look for similarities between this year’s models and those from last year.

The Galaxy Watch 4 comes in two sizes for each of its two styles. When it first came out, the smallest wearable cost $249.99. The largest Classic edition with LTE cost up to $200 more.

We think that the price structure will be the same this year. So, there are different sizes, and if you want mobile connectivity, you have to pay extra.

One thing that might be different is that Samsung might skip the Classic model and just make the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro instead. This source says that the Pro might only come in one size, while the regular version will come in two sizes.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Features Details

We still have a few months before we know anything for sure about this watch, so it’s not surprising that there aren’t any rumors about it.

One possibility is that this will be the first Galaxy Watch with a display that can be rolled up. You read that right: it might have a screen you can roll out to make it bigger.

What tells us this? Well, it seems like a natural addition to Samsung’s other devices with extendable screens, and there are even patents that describe a camera in the middle. It might not be ready for this year’s watch, but we won’t know for sure until we find some reliable leaks. For now, this news (details below) is the closest thing we have to “official” information about this watch.

We also expect to see other things that are common for next-generation wearables, like longer battery life (some reports say it will be 60% longer than the Galaxy Watch 4), integration with Google Assistant, a better design, and new straps. It would also be nice if the phone worked with more devices. iPhone and other Android users would love it if they could use the phone fully with their own devices.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Specs and Hardware

If the rollable display rumour is true, this watch’s screen will be able to grow by up to 40%. But we don’t know how big it is when it is in the normal or compact position.

LetsGoDigital’s analysis of the patent shows that you’ll be able to control the roll effect by pressing the crown on the side of the watch or by swiping on the screen. From the pictures in the patent, it’s also clear that the watch will have a camera, which will probably let you take photos and videos right from the watch and may even let you use your face to unlock it for more security.

Samsung filed for that patent in late 2021, so it could be for something like the Galaxy Watch 6 or something the company is just starting to think up. The same is true for this patent, which describes another design that can be rolled up, can be turned and has a bigger screen overall. It looks like a phone that you wear on your wrist.

Is The Galaxy Watch 5 Waterproof?

The watch can handle up to five atmospheres of pressure, which is the amount of pressure you feel at a depth of 50 meters. Any activity on the water that stays above 50 meters is fine. Only when you go scuba diving below that depth will you run into trouble.

Can Galaxy Watch Be Used Without A Phone?

You don’t have to connect your Galaxy Watch Active to a phone to use it. This makes it easier to use while running, hiking, or climbing a mountain. When you turn on the Galaxy Watch Active for the first time or after it has been reset, you can set it up without a phone.


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