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When did Jennette McCurdy from ‘iCarly’ retire from acting?

Whether it’s boredom with the industry, difficulty making the leap to more adult parts, or a desire to try something new, every former child star who decides to leave the business has their own story. But many didn’t much like playing onstage when they were young. One such star is Jennette McCurdy.


When did Jennette McCurdy from iCarly retire from acting?

Sources claim that one former Nickelodeon performer, Jennette McCurdy of iCarly fame, claims she left the industry because she felt “embarrassed” by her roles. She made the announcement in June 2022.  Although McCurdy had previously acted in movies and many guest-starring parts before gaining stardom in 2007 for her role as Sam Puckett on the kid-focused series, it was not until then that she became a household name. After staying with the show until 2012, she joined Ariana Grande in the spinoff Sam & Cat the following year. It aired all the way up to 2014.

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Some of the reasons that were stated by her for her untime retirement was her severe feelings of resentment toward her job. Her unhappy home life was another factor. She was the sole performer in a one-woman performance. Aside from all that, she also hosts a podcast and works as a writer and director. The story of her life will shortly be published as a book.

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