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Jeff Lerner Reviews. How Good Is His Training?

Who is Jeff Lerner, exactly?

Jeff Lerner was born in Houston, TX on March 1, 1979. So, in 2022, he is 43 years old.

Who Is Jeff Lerner

Entrepreneur, author, public speaker, master of internet marketing, father, spouse, and fitness fanatic Jeff Lerner is also a business owner. He is a successful entrepreneur with more than ten years of experience running numerous lucrative web enterprises. His educational establishment is the ENTRE Institute. His low-level, introductory online course is called ENTRE Blueprint. He teaches a variety of business concepts include operating digital agencies, developing online courses, and managing digital real estate through affiliate marketing.

What is Jeff Lerner’s ENTRE Institute Blueprint Strategy?

Jeff Lerner’s ENTRE Blueprint Strategy involves addressing personal and physical growth besides professional growth. He focuses on these business models:

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Digital agencies

  • Course creation

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What Makes Jeff Lerner Any Different From Other Online Coaches?

Because he promotes a skill set and a way of life, Jeff Lerner sets himself apart from other online trainers. He works as a business and life coach. Jeff owns many enterprises and teaches from his own experience, in contrast to other course creators who simply study and repeat knowledge.

Jeff Lerner, though, has a somewhat contentious past. He joined forces with Wealth Masters International in 2011. When he signed up, Norway had already outlawed WMI as an MLM business. Two years later, WMI filed a “breach of agreement” lawsuit against Jeff and numerous others. After the group filed a countersuit, WMI eventually vanished.

Jeff Lerner Net Worth

The estimated amount of Jeff Lerner’s net worth is $4–$5 million. This is much less than what he suggests in his advertisements, where he asserts that he makes $100,000,000. Without taking into account any expenses, any staff he pays, or even the percentage he keeps for himself, this figure is most likely sales.

Jeff Lerner uses affiliate marketing, digital agencies, and the sale of online courses to instruct people on how to become prosperous business owners. But only the ENTRE business model is like that. In addition to teaching, Jeff works a variety of other jobs, such as managing real estate assets in Georgia, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, and Utah and giving speeches at ENTRE Institute Insight conferences.

Jeff Lerner Success Story

The beginning of eff Lerner’s success story was when he was born with Waardenburg Syndrome. When there is only one parent, the child inherits this genetic condition. It’s uncertain which of the four variants of this syndrome Jeff possesses. However, signs can include hearing, movement problems, and cleft lips. Waardenburg possesses distinctive physical characteristics, including wide-set eyes, early hair greying, and extremely light blue eyes.

Jeff experienced bullying at school as a result of his unusual appearance. His teachers believed he was autistic or need psychiatric care. His parents were often advised by schools to send him somewhere else. This would give him a fighting spirit that still aids him in overcoming challenges today.

Jeff Lerner Forbes

Recently, Jeff Lerner was admitted to the Forbes Business Council. Numerous online course instructors, including the Mikkeslen brothers, boast about having been featured on Forbes, but these vendors can pay for a profile to help their own promotion.

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Why is Jeff Lerner Successful?

Jeff Lerner is successful because of his use of Google AdWords, his YouTube presence, other social media platforms, and diversifying his income streams. Here are some details:

  • He received his Google AdWords certification in June 2014.
  • His YouTube channel has over 80,800 subscribers. Most of Jeff Lerner’s YouTube video lately have been TikTok length shorts.
  • You can find Jeff Lerner online on active Instagram and Facebook accounts. He uses both to share information about his businesses and his life.
  • It’s impossible to know the exact number of additional businesses Jeff owns or has invested in. He’s involved in Awesome Marketing software, the Six Figure Mentors program, and multiple programs within the ENTRE Institute. (Six Figure Mentors has some connection with Carbon Copy Pro, which was a part of the WMI fiasco.)


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