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Jared Leto Weight Gain: What Is The Motivation Behind His Frequent Changes?

Throughout his career, Jared Leto, an accomplished musician and actor renowned for his adaptability, has never ceased to astound audiences with his ability to fully inhabit a variety of personas.

In addition to his creative abilities, Leto’s physical attributes—especially his deliberate weight changes for various roles—have drawn attention. This article delves deeper into the fascinating topic of Jared Leto’s weight gain and examines the extent of his devotion to his work.

What Could Be Causing Jared Leto Weight Gain?

American musician and actor Jared Leto is no stranger to bodily transformations in the entertainment industry. Jared is renowned for his dramatic body modifications for his roles. He has fluctuated in weight for a number of different films, including Dallas Buyers Club, Chapter 27, and Morbius.

What Could Be Causing Jared Leto Weight Gain
What Could Be Causing Jared Leto Weight Gain

He put on 67 pounds in order to play Mark David Chapman, John Lennon’s assassin, in Chapter 27. He shed thirty pounds for Dallas Buyers Club, where he played Rayon, a transsexual woman living with HIV. In order to play a scientist who transforms into a live vampire, Morbius underwent weight loss and growth twice.

Here is a tweet that confirms that Jared Leto gained 67 pounds for Chapter 27:

While his co-stars and director commended his devotion and hard work, they also said it was unsettling to watch him undergo such dramatic transformations. In the midst of this, you can also read about Brendan Fraser weight gain.

What Was Said By Jared Leto Regarding His Changes?

Leto acknowledged that he would rather lose weight than gain it and that both weight gain and loss are not enjoyable or healthful activities. He claimed that because Morbius tested both his physical and emotional limits, it was the ideal movie for him.

Jared Leto talked candidly about his well-known metamorphoses. In his cover story for Men’s Health in April 2022, the 50-year-old actor talks about how significantly changing his appearance for jobs affects his personal life.

He makes it clear that the bodily changes he goes through are less about attempting to look like that person and more about realizing that person’s life path.

Leto stated: “I gained over 60 pounds for a role once, and it was amazing. I remember asking someone for the time in New York and they, like, recoiled, I saw people I knew who didn’t know I was filming and thought… that I had ‘not been taking care of myself.’ They took it as a sign of something wrong in my life. It was a really wild thing to experience that.”

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