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James Argent Girlfriend: What Is The Story Behind His Split?

James Argent, 35, is a well-known figure in the British entertainment industry as a former star of the reality TV show “The Only Way Is Essex” (TOWIE). He has received attention not only for his performances on reality television but also for his personal challenges and journey to sobriety. Argent has been candid about his struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, as well as his weight difficulties.

He has successfully overcome many of his difficulties after going through treatment and having gastric sleeve surgery. His romantic life has also been scrutinized, including an on/off connection with Gemma Collins. Stella Turian, an Italian law student and aspiring actress, was his most recent girlfriend.

Why Did James Argent And Stella Turian Split?

Due to the difficulties of maintaining a long-distance relationship, James Argent and Stella Turian chose to discontinue their romance. Stella, who lives in the Italian Alps, is studying law and acting, making it difficult for her and James to spend time together. Their 16-year age difference was not listed as the key reason for their divorce.

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The couple had made their relationship work for almost a year, but the demands of their separate work obligations, particularly during the summer, posed difficulties.

While they have mutually agreed to stop their relationship, there do not appear to be any bad feelings between them, and they remain in touch via social media. James Argent is said to be saddened over the breakup since he had feelings for Stella and treasured the moments they had together.

Who is Stella Turian?

Stella Turian is a 19-year-old Italian law student and aspiring actress. She is most known in the public eye as James Argent’s girlfriend. The couple met at a wedding in Mykonos, Greece, in the summer of 2022, and their relationship rapidly became public.

James Argent Girlfriend

Stella and James appeared to be in a good relationship, despite their huge age difference, as they traveled to romantic locales together. Stella’s hectic schedule, which included her academics and acting career, added to the difficulties of their long-distance relationship.

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James Argent And Stella Turian’s Relationship

After meeting at a wedding in Mykonos, Greece, James Argent and Stella Turian’s relationship became public knowledge in the summer of 2022. Despite their age gap, which drew considerable public attention and criticism, the pair appeared to be happy and in love.

They created lasting memories by traveling to several romantic spots in Italy together. James had professed his satisfaction with the relationship and even hinted at the prospect of future marriage.

Stella, an Italian law student and aspiring actress, had a hectic schedule that compounded the difficulties of their long-distance relationship. Their split was ultimately attributed to the difficulty of maintaining a relationship across foreign borders as well as demanding professional commitments.

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