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Jacy Nittolo Net Worth 2022: Profession, Parents, Early Life, Net Worth Everything You Need To Know

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Jacy Nittolo is an American-Italian woman who is known for being with Ray Liotta, a well-known actor. Fans are excited to see them because their relationships have made a lot of noise. She was once a hairstylist and is from Malibu. Ray Liotta, the man she was engaged to, died suddenly today in the Dominican Republic while he was sleeping. So far, there are no signs of foul play in his death. Ray showed how much he loved Jacy and how much he valued their relationship by posting a lot of pictures of them together on social media.

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Jacy Nittolo: Net Worth 2022

Jacy makes a lot of money as a hairstylist and also lives a very nice life. Sources say that she is worth about $950,000 as of 2022. Her ex-husband was worth about $2,203,015, and her new fiance is worth about $14 million. In the future, she might also be able to make money by endorsing brands and going to events.

Jacy Nittolo: Early Life Details

Jacy Nittolo was born on September 25, 1974, in the U.S. city of Malibu. Her parents are business owners, and she has a sister and a brother as well. Jacy went to a private school for her high school years. Considering her career, she must have taken a course in hairstyling.

Jacy Nittolo: Personal Life Details

Joey Nittolo, who works as a film producer, used to be married to Jacy. He is also the host of a spirituality and lifestyle podcast called The Space Between. Joey started hearing voices, seeing visions and predicting the future in 2017. This put his family in a hard situation and led to a divorce. He was also sent to a place for people with mental illness. Together, they have four children, whose names are Dax, Chazz, Joey, and Jade.

Jacy Nittolo: Career Details

She started her career when she was only 16 years old and began cutting hair. Then, she worked at a salon to get enough experience because she wanted to open her salon when she was 19. Her ex-husband gave her a salon so she could work. She’s not a part of the entertainment business. Her ex-boyfriend worked as a producer in the entertainment business. He was well-known, and they helped each other succeed in their careers. She doesn’t talk to the public, so no one knows what she is doing now or if she is still a hairstylist.

Jacy Nittolo: Marital Status

Jacy Nittolo is not married right now. She was engaged to Ray Liotta, an American actor, and producer who was known all over the world.

They’d been going out for a few years, and in 2020, they got engaged.

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