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Iza Calzado Has Just Revealed She Is Expecting Her First Child At 40th Birthday

Iza Calzado, a Kapamilya actress, is expecting her first child with her husband Ben Wintle.

She revealed more about her most recent accomplishment in a touching Instagram post, calling it a “miracle.” Iza marked her 40th birthday by posting a photo of herself that showed her growing baby bump.

Iza Calzado recently told Bianca Gonzalez for Cinema One that being pregnant. has taught her a lot about herself.

The actress said that she is more aware of her body now that she is pregnant, but she also said that she is still getting used to being pregnant.

“We were just taken aback by this unanticipated but greatly appreciated development.” We needed a week, and while we were still processing, “she spoke. “Three months have passed since the first trimester began. Not much sickness. Although sick, there was no vomiting. “

Iza said that despite the calm first trimester, she is still cautious not to push her body too hard because she knows that it could be a challenging pregnancy.

“Now that I see how happy people are for you, I can appreciate it.” “It is a wonder that life was created, and they’re just pleased about it since we obviously need life to survive as a species,” explained the actress.

Iza claimed that she accepted the new phase of her life with humility.

“Over the course of my forty years, I’ve learned to recognize when God is pointing me in a new way. It always works out best for me to choose a route I may not have considered. I thus completely submit to His will at this point, “she replied.

She claimed that “God’s plans are always far bigger than mine, and I humbly accept this new chapter in my life with a heart full of thankfulness, putting all my anxieties and concerns to the side and just putting my trust in life’s divine timing and wisdom.” I have a deep-seated belief that you will enable me to soar higher than ever before in ways that I cannot even begin to fathom. You will give me a “WHY,” “PURPOSE,” and “DIRECTION” in life, and I welcome you into my life as we build a family alongside Ben, your father.

The actress stated that her greatest hope for her birthday is for everyone to be healthy, including her unborn child.

She also quoted from one of her most well-known film roles as Patty, a selfless and caring character, in the smash hit Starting Over Again. As one of my characters in a movie once said, “In love, there is no fear. Therefore, I shall decide to live each day by giving you life while vibrating at the frequency of LOVE.

They were accurate. At 40, life truly begins. Simply said, the moment your mother hits forty, your life starts. It is a fantastic miracle to know that life is developing inside of me. You’re a miracle to me. You serve as my beacon of hope. Lord, I thank You for the most lovely birthday present. We have ABUNDANCE.

In December 2018, Iza and Ben Wintle got married. On August 12, the day before turning 40, the actress announced her pregnancy.

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