Ivy Queen all set to host ‘LOUD’, an upcoming Spotify podcast on the ‘inception and evolution of Reggaetón’

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Well, get set ready for an all new enthralling podcast this year, only on Spotify!

‘Loud’ is an upcoming podcast venture, that plans to take viewers through the fanciful world of the history, inception and evolution of Reggaetón, and this one’s gonna be extra special as it will be hosted by none other than the very popular and ruler of millions of hearts, the Puerto Rican artist, Ivy Queen!

In conversation with ‘PEOPLE’, the 49 year old singer, rapper, songwriter and actress, shared “This podcast is filled with historical moments detailing the inception of our genre Reggaetón, I’m extremely excited and thrilled for you all to hear it.”

There’s something greater to this already great news!

Ivy Queen will be calling upon other popular artists, who have great expertise in this genre to make special appearances for enlightening the audience with their knowledge. These inlcude Nicky Jam, Rauw Alejandro, Zion y Lennox, Sech, and Maluma.

She further reveals, “Reggaeton: the beat that has taken over the world and dominates mainstream music. We win the awards shows, taught you about perreo, but honey, not a lot of people know how it started… I know how it all went down, because, honey, I was there.”


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