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Is Venom 3 Renewed or Cancelled? Checkout The Latest Updates

“Venom 3: Is it Officially Renewed or Cancelled?” is an important question that has been on the minds of fans of the hit Venom series since its second installment was released. With the success of the first two movies and a passionate fan base, many have wondered whether there will be the third installment. This article will explore what is known about Venom 3, whether it has been officially renewed or canceled, and any other relevant updates.

Venom 3: Is it Officially Renewed?

venom 3

Yes, it’s official: Venom 3 is officially renewed! Fans of the franchise have been eagerly awaiting news on a potential third installment of the hit superhero series, and the wait is finally over. 

Sony confirmed at CinemaCon 2022 that Venom 3, the latest installment in the blockbuster Venom franchise, is currently in production. Fans overwhelmingly supported the first and second Venom films, released in 2018 and 2021; respectively, thus a third feature was unavoidable.

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Venom 3 Release Date

The release date for Venom 3 has yet to be announced, although Sony Pictures offers the first and second seasons.

venom 3 release date

Sony announced the creation of Venom 3 at CinemaCon 2022. Since Spider-Man: No Way Home was recently released in December 2021 and Morbius will be released on April 1, 2022, Sony may intentionally select a release date for Venom 3 to give fans ample time to enjoy all of the upcoming films. On June 16, 2022, Ton Hardy updated us on Instagram by posting a picture of the script for the third film.

With this information, we may expect the film’s release between early and mid-2024.

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Venom 3 Cast: Who’s Returning, And Are There Any New Characters?

Other than Tom Hardy reprising his role as Eddie Brock, the cast of the upcoming Venom film has yet to be revealed.

Given his fate in the previous film, it is likely that Stephen Graham will reprise his role as Detective Patrick Mulligan and Michelle Williams as She-Venom. 

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Where to View Venom 3: Where Can I View the Third Film in the Venom Series?

Venom 3 will initially be released in theatres near you. After the theatrical run, we can view the film on streaming platforms such as HBO Max.

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