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Is Taylor Fritz Married? Know Everything About His Love Life & Personal Life

American tennis player Taylor Fritz is ranked 20th on the ATP rankings right now. Taylor Fritz, 24, the eldest of the three siblings, is a child of Guy Henry Fritz and Kathy May Fritz. Both Guy and Kathy have played tennis in the past. Kathy was a top 10 player, and Guy recently won the award for US Olympic development coach of the year 2016.

In 2016, Taylor married Raquel Pedraza at the relatively young age of 18. Tennis player Raquel Pedraza is a rising star who has participated in a number of competitions.

Who Is Raquel Pedraza?

raquel pedraza Marraige photo
raquel pedraza Marraige photo

Although Raquel is best known as Taylor’s wife, there is more to her than that. Raquel is of American descent, but she also has a Spanish heritage that she got from her father.

Raquel, who is now 24 years old, was born on January 28, 1991, in Fountain Valley, California. She first attended a Christian school but then decided to homeschool in order to have more free time to focus on tennis.

Early in life, she made the decision to prioritize tennis over other skills like singing, dancing, etc. When she was only five years old, Raquel began to play.

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Taylor Fritz and Raquel Pedraza’s Marriage

In 2016, Raquel Pedraza and Taylor Fritz exchanged rings in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Fritz stated in an interview at Wimbledon, “In every aspect of my life… I have a lot more responsibilities than a lot of people my age. Of course, going to school and going to college would be a lot of fun. But I would never trade what I have here for that.” 

On July 7, 2016, they finally tied the knot in Rancho Santa Fe, California. They decided on a traditional ceremony performed by the Presbyterian Church of the village.

In January 2017, the couple, both 19 years old, gave birth to Jordan. Raquel then stopped playing tennis to tend to their little kid.

“Nothing’s changed since I became a father. My wife Raquel has really stepped up and she’s just doing an incredible job, because my dream is to just be the best tennis player I can possibly be… It’s really amazing.” Fritz said.

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