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Is Swarm’s Marissa Jackson A Real Person? How Much Of The Story Was True?

Swarm, the new hit series on Amazon Prime Video, has garnered a lot of attention since its release. The show, created by Donald Glover and Janine Nabers, has a disclaimer at the beginning of each episode that states: “This is not a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is intentional.” This has led many viewers to wonder if the character of Marissa Jackson, who is central to the plot, is based on a real person.

Marissa Jackson is Dre’s sister in Swarm, played by Chloe Bailey, who is a huge fan of Ni’Jah, a fictional popstar based on Beyoncé. Marissa commits suicide in the first episode after Dre tells her that her boyfriend tried to cheat on her. Dre then goes on a killing spree, targeting people who hate Ni’Jah. Episode 6 is presented as a true crime documentary about the real Dre (Andrea) and Marissa.


Janine Nabers, one of the creators of the show, revealed that the character of Marissa Jackson is based on an internet rumor that went viral in 2016. The rumor was about a woman named Marissa Jackson who committed suicide after watching Beyoncé’s Lemonade. The album allegedly confirmed that a powerful man was cheating on one of the most successful pop stars of our time. However, the rumor stemmed from an article on a satire website, Empire Herald, which has since been deleted.

Nabers explained that the Marissa Jackson rumor was widely shared, and people were tweeting horrible things about her. However, Marissa Jackson was not a real person, and the rumors were all based on a hoax article. In Swarm episode 6, different actors play the “real Marissa and Dre,” but they are still fictional characters.

Chlöe Bailey & Dominique Fishback

While Swarm is inspired by real-life rumors and events, the two central characters, Marissa and Dre, don’t exist. The disclaimer at the beginning of each episode is a clever way to suggest that the show is based on true events without actually claiming that it is entirely true. Swarm is a work of fiction, and the characters are fictional.

In conclusion, Marissa Jackson is not a real person. The character is based on a hoax article that went viral in 2016. Swarm is a work of fiction that is inspired by real-life rumors and events, but the central characters, Marissa and Dre, are fictional. Swarm is an entertaining show that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, but it’s important to remember that it’s just a TV show.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Swarm based on a true story?

Swarm is not based on a specific true story, but it does draw inspiration from real-life events and people. The show’s creators intentionally included the disclaimer at the beginning of each episode to acknowledge the parallels between the show’s fictional storylines and actual events.

What is the story behind Swarm?

Swarm follows the journey of Dre, a young woman whose obsession with a pop star leads her to join a fanbase known as “The Swarm.” As she becomes more involved in the group, Dre must navigate complex relationships and power dynamics while trying to uncover the truth behind the mysterious and dangerous organization. The show tackles themes of obsession, identity, and the dark side of fan culture.

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