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Who Is Maya Hawke? Is She a Gay? Here is What You Need to Know

American singer-songwriter, model and actress Maya Ray Thurman Hawke was born in the United States. Since she first appeared, he has given us a brand new character to follow in Stranger Things. In the program, not only is Robin a lesbian, but she also has a comedic awkwardness and witty one-liners. Is Maya Hawke a lesbian or straight in real life? This is what you will get to know from this article.

Who Is Maya Hawke?

Maya Hawke is quickly becoming one of Hollywood’s brightest lights. This is due to her fantastic performance as Robin in Stranger Things. The character made their debut in season 3 of the popular Netflix original series. Her offbeat demeanor and funny remarks rapidly made her a fan favorite, and she also became popular due to the dynamic she had with Steve, another beloved character. However, moviegoers who have been around for a while should recognize the name, Maya Hawke. That’s because her famous actor dad, Ethan Hawke, gave her the name Hawke as her last name. Ethan Hawke has been one of the biggest stars in Hollywood since the 1990s.

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Is Maya a Gay?

Although there is no clear information about her orientation, we can assume from her activities and social media presence that Maya Hawke is straight. Maya Hawke has become a big star because of her part in Stranger Things, but her popularity has led some to speculate about whether or not she identifies as LGBT in real life. Maya’s portrayal of Robin, one of the main characters in Stranger Things, has struck a chord with viewers. While many viewers applaud the Duffer Brothers for including a diverse cast of characters, some have questioned whether or not the actress identifies as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Maya has been relatively private about her personal life. Still, if you follow the actress on Instagram, you may have noticed that she and Gus Wenner appeared to be getting pretty intimate (son of Rolling Stone founder Jan Wenner).

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Both of their accounts are filled with images of them together, all of which have the same simple caption: “heart.” We can probably presume that they’re dating. According to a source, Maya discussed her decision to portray an LGBTQ+ character with The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s such an amazing thing the Duffer Brothers did, stopping the whole show … there’s an activity going on, and it stops for a seven-minute conversation between two people who care for each other. It’s a beautiful thing. I feel fortunate that I got to play that.” she continued. “She has all these hard walls because she doesn’t feel like she fits in. She feels like an odd one out. She’s gay, and nobody knows that.” This sequence, which unfolds amidst the mayhem, is one of the best in the entire series.

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