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Who is Kelli Berglund? Is She in a Romantic Relationship? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Kelli Berglund is well-known for her roles as an actress, dancer, and in the movie Frozen, powerful singer. She also played Bree Davenport in the Disney XD series Lab Rats and its spin-off, Lab Rats: Elite Force. Kelli is also recognized for her role as Carly Carson in the 2019 Starz drama series Now Apocalypse. However fans are always curious to know about the relationship status of their favorite artists. Does Kelli have a boyfriend? Is she in a relationship? Let us find through this article.

Who is Kelli Berglund?

Kelli Berglund is a native American actress born on February 9, 1996. In the Disney XD series Lab Rats and its offshoot Lab Rats: Elite Force, she played the role of Bree Davenport. As Mae Hartley, she starred in the 2014 Disney Channel Original Movie How to Build a Better Boy.
Berglund portrayed Carly Carson on Now Apocalypse, a 2019 Starz drama series. She has also starred as the main character in two Australian-based sports movies, Raising the Bar (2016) and Going for Gold (2018). In the 2021 Starz drama series Heels, she plays Crystal.

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Is She Dating Someone Right Now?

As of right now, according to different sources, Kelli Berglund is single. She was known to have romantic interests with Sterling Beaumon. After knowing one other for a while, Sterling Beaumon and Kelli Berglund decided to start dating. They stopped posting photos of themselves together, even on their anniversary and went their separate ways to premieres, parties, and concerts in August. Kelli announced on Facebook that she was no longer seeing her partner and was more pleased than ever to be single on October 20. Before Sterling, Kelli has had romantic relationships with Noah Centineo, Spencer Boldman and Tyler Wilson

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