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Is Kate Chastain Pregnant With Her First Baby? Let’s Reveal The Truth..

With four seasons of Below Deck already under her belt, it looks like Kate Chastain may be ready to take on a new challenge. Rumors have been swirling recently that the reality star and chief stewardess is expecting a baby. This exciting news has sparked speculation among fans eagerly awaiting confirmation from the star herself. This article will explore whether these rumors are true and what a potential pregnancy would mean for the show.

Is Kate Chastain Pregnant?


Congratulations are for Below Deck star Kate Chastain! The fan-favorite revealed this week that she is expecting her first baby. Fans of the show will no doubt be delighted with the news, as they have been following the reality star’s journey since her days on the Bravo show. Chastain opened up about her pregnancy announcement.Β 

The reality actress, well-known for starring on Bravo’s blockbuster show “Below Deck” for six seasons, just announced that she was expecting her first child. Chastain, 39, told the news on Instagram and posted a selfie of herself wearing a floral-print sundress to display her expanding baby bump.

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The expecting mother captioned the image with, I’m already planning so many birthday theme parties for you πŸ’—πŸ’™πŸ’—πŸ’™

According to People, the baby is due in May 2023, and Chastain is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her bundle of joy.

She told the publication, “I am thrilled to become a mother, “It’s something I’ve always hoped for, so this is truly a dream come true!”

The reality star also explained why she chose to announce her pregnancy at this time, stating that her baby belly will be on full display in two upcoming television appearances.

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“This is such a new and special experience, so I’m being protective of what I share publicly, but with new episodes of ‘Below Deck Galley Talk’ about to air on Bravo after Christmas and ‘The Traitors’ premiering on Peacock on Jan. 12, 2023, there’s just no hiding my baby bump any longer!” she said.

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In the comments area, Chastain’s friends and followers greeted her with affection after reading her wonderful news. “Madison LeCroy-Randle, star of “Southern Charm” star Madison LeCroy-Randle left the following message: “How did I miss this!?? Congratulations ❀️.”

“Below Deck” star Fraser Olender also sent his love, writing, “Eeeeek, the news is out!! Sooooo excited for you, my angel 🀍🀍🀍.”

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Who is The Father of Kate’s Baby?

As she shared the news of her pregnancy on Instagram, she did not mention the child’s father. According to People, Pregnant Kate Chastain Says She Will Raise Her Baby ‘Solo’: ‘I’m Happy to Do It Alone’

She left everyone speechless when she announced she was single in October. The 37-year-old actress continues to keep her private life under wraps; fans may not learn the truth until after the May 2023 birth of her child. Ben Robinson, a classmate, was her boyfriend before she began dating Ro Hernandez. However, she split up with them, and the paternity of this child is unknown to all of us.

In Tuesday’s Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen joked that he was the father. “This happened to us at BravoCon,” he teased. “It was a sloppy night after the Legend’s Ball.”

Kate responded back that, “Yes, I’m so happy to be here to announce that! I highly recommend you get tickets for the next one. It was great.”

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