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Is Justine Schofield An Australian Author Pregnant In 2022? Facts About the Australian Author

Australian Justine Schofield is a cook, an author, and a TV host. Justine Schofield is known for being a straightforward and stylish cook, which has made her one of Australia’s most well-known chefs. Justine’s TV show “Everyday Gourmet” on Network 10 is in its eleventh season and has a large number of loyal fans. It has produced more than 1000 episodes.

In 2009, Justine came in fourth place on MasterChef Australia. Since then, she has become a popular food show host in Australia and written four cookbooks. She promotes well-known companies and travel spots around the world, and she has a large online fan base.

The chef just told everyone that she is going to have a baby in May 2022. On her cooking show, Everyday Gourmet, which is in its twelfth season, you can see her baby bump.

Justine Schofield: Personal Life Details

Schofield was in a relationship with TV journalist Matt Doran from 2014 to 2017. She said in 2019 that she hadn’t been with anyone for two years. Since early 2020, Schofield has been dating former AFL player Brent Staker. The couple posted on Instagram on May 8, 2022, that they were going to have a baby.

Schofield lives in New South Wales, in the town of Clovelly.

In 2022, Is Justine Schofield Going To Have A Baby? Is She Giving Birth?

Yes, Justin Schofield, an Australian TV host and well-known chef, is expecting her first child. She told everyone on Instagram that she was pregnant by posting a picture of herself with her baby daddy, Brent, that showed off her baby bump.

Schofield and her ex-boyfriend, who used to be a football player, posted the picture on May 8, 2022. It looks like the baby bump is getting bigger. We don’t know how far along the cook is in her pregnancy as of right now. In the same way, no one knows what gender the baby will be. We hope that Justine will soon talk about her pregnancy in more detail.

Compared to the pictures of her bump on Instagram, it seems bigger. Even though no one knows for sure when she will give birth, pictures show that she is almost 3 months pregnant. The parents-to-be are very happy and can’t wait for their baby to come into the world.

Justine Schofield Has A Husband. Who Is He?

Brent Staker, who used to play football for Australia, has been dating Justine Schofield. The two of them have been together for a long time. As of 2022, the two people are still not married.

Brent and Justine could soon get married. But now that they are expecting their first child, it looks like the couple’s main goal is to make sure their child comes into the world safely.

Brent, Schofield’s boyfriend, played in the Australian Football League for the West Coast Eagles and the Brisbane Lions. Staker went to school in Broken Hill, a rural area of New South Wales where he was raised. There, he went to Burke Ward Public School.

He joined the NSW/ACT Rams (U18s), and he played his first professional game in 2003. Also, he was up for an AFL Rising Star award after scoring three goals against Melbourne in 2004.

He told the AFL in August 2015 that he was leaving the league at the end of the season before. He was warming up for what would have been his last game when he tore his hamstring. He had to leave the game after it had already started.

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