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Is Dove Cameron Single? A Look Back at Her Love Life and Who She’s Dating Now

Dove Cameron has been well-known for a while after becoming well-known for her dual part in the popular Disney television series Liv and Maddie in 2013.

Dove Cameron’s dating history proves she’s a long-time relationship kind of gal, and for the first time in ages, she’s possibly single

Is Dove Cameron Single? Her Dating History Is Full of Longtime Lovers

Dove Cameron’s Relationship Intriguing History

During a July 2020 interview with Paper magazine, Cameron said — while she tends to get wrapped up in relationships — she also values having her freedom. “I think I’ve always had this internal battle between being a really independent person. I am not, by nature, somebody’s girlfriend, by any means, but I’m an incredibly intense romantic,” she said. “And I think those two things together are always kind of fighting with me.” V relatable. Here’s the scoop on Cameron’s past relationships, which both began on the set of a Disney Channel production.

Dove With Ryan McCartan

Ryan and Dove dated for four years. The two actors co-starred in Liv and Maddie as the on-screen relationship Maddie and Diggie. The pair engaged around this time, and they also started a band named The Girl and the Dreamcatcher! In an interview with People in April 2016, Dove disclosed details of the engagement.

“It was really spontaneous. It was flawless. She described the proposal as being less formal and more romantic and bohemian. “We both made it quite plain to one another that we thought the other was the one for us. You are aware that I love you. There isn’t anyone else. I didn’t anticipate it to change anything because we already knew we wanted to be married one day.

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Dove In Relation With Thomas Doherty

Following their appearance in Descendants 2 together, these two celebrities became closer, and in February 2017, they made their romance public. In July 2019, Dove was open and honest about her initial thoughts on Thomas with Seventeen Magazine.

“I just felt he was kind of a playboy, you know? He’s just too naughty, charming, and attractive to — I know this sounds terrible, but to be good to me,'” she said. “I never imagined a happy outcome. I thought, “I’m going to prevent the worst mistake of my life by staying away from you.” He also attempted to attract my attention by daring me to a stare-off in which the winner would be determined by who could look away first rather than who could blink first.

When talking with Entertainment Tonight in November 2019, Dove called Thomas “the one.” They celebrated their third anniversary in February 2020, but called it quits in October 2020. Dove took to social media in December 2020, and announced that the couple had split a few months earlier.

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Is Dove Cameron Dating Alexander 23?

The 26-year-old most recently revealed to Nylon in April 2022 that she was going on her first actual first date. The fans were intrigued since she withheld the identify of her partner. Alexander 23 has been the subject of relationship rumours, although Dove has remained mute on the subject. She and Alexander are seen kissing in the singer’s most recent music video, which demonstrates their chemistry. Fans are anxiously awaiting her response to these claims and disclosure of the identity of her mystery date.

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